Why Termites Are Best Prevented, Not Treated?

What makes termite damages go unnoticed? Why does it take years to uncover the vandalisation of the property? Are there any effective termite control methods? There are several questions connected to termites and the losses they cause.
Termites are silent killers that invade your furniture and furnishings without any notice. They quietly bite through the household items and leave a trail of damage.
Termites are known for their habit of travelling in colonies. They wander in a group and attack every item that serves as food for them. When several termites attack the house furnishings, it leads to grave harm.

Why Are Termites Called Silent Killers?

The colour of termites and their small size give them an upper hand over human sight.
Termites are brown, black, and white. The primary source of energy for termites is wood. Since the colour of wood and termites fuses, it becomes difficult to differentiate.
Additionally, termites are microscopic organisms. Their size is smaller than our nails, making it impossible to see with the naked eye. Both these factors give time to termites to salvage the place and destroy the house from the inside out.
The termite attacks are also undiscovered for years because they hardly make any noise. They are tiny creatures that move silently. Hence, they’re called silent killers. It is necessary to gather the assistance of pest control services for quicker solutions.

Why Is It Essential To Take Precautions Against Termites?

Since termites are silent wood eaters, the best way to locate them is by following the areas in the house that have wood. When we say wood, it includes all the doors, windows, wooden cabinets, drawers, etc. Termites also build their nests around papers and documents. You can perform termite tests in these areas by yourself.
Some prominent damages that termites cause are:-

How To Take Precautions Against Termites?

Whether you’ve got termite or not, if there are traces of its presence in the vicinity, chances are future infection is prime.
Here are a few precautions, as suggested by pest control services, that you can follow-

1. Block the Leaks

Keep your drainage pipes and gutters clean. Your bathrooms have the highest chances of attracting termites, for they love wet surroundings.

2. Demolish the breeding spots

Getting rid of the nesting places is also a logical way to prevent the spreading of termite infection. Consult and connect with termite control services. They will disinfect the areas with a termite infestation, like wood panels, sills, soil, walls, etc.

3. Eliminate the sources of moisture

As you might know by now, termites love moisture. They use damp wood and walls to enter the house. Eliminate all the wood furnishings or keep them covered to prevent infestation.

4. Pre-construction anti-termite treatment

The easiest method to avoid termite infestation is the pre-construction anti-termite treatment. Hire pest control services, for they have professional knowledge and the latest equipment to create a barrier for the house’s foundation. They add the required chemical to the cementing material to avoid infestation before construction.

5. Get professional help

Whether pre-construction or post-construction, getting a professional helping hand is the best solution. 24x7pms has members with trained eyes to locate the termite infestation to disinfect them at once. Always try to prevent the growth of termites rather than look for a cure.


Termites are destroyers. They use their microscopic size to their advantage and keep destroying the house for years. They can ruin the windows, doors, stairs (if you’ve got a wooden one), drawers, essential documents, etc. Sometimes the termites travel the whole house and damage every nook and corner.
Seeking expert help is a reasonable solution to the termite issue. 24x7pms provides termite control services to get rid of worrying contamination. You can connect with them to make your house termite-free before and after the construction.