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Wood Borer Control Services Aurangabad

Wood-borers hidden within the plywood or any wooden furniture. we ensure that the wood borers are completely removed from the house. Oil based chemical spraying methodology offered by us not only kills the woodborers but also removes their eggs and larvae.

Wood Borer Control

Wood borers are wood-destroying insects that attack and destroy structural integrity of your furniture and wooden assets. All homes and businesses made of natural wood are at the risk of wood borers’ infestation. This will create holes and cracks on your wooden structure.

Control Method

As part of the treatment for wood-boring insects, our specially trained technician injects the affected area with an insecticide which helps in reducing the wood borer infestation in the wood.
Special syringes are used for injecting Wood Preservative chemicals into the holes created by the wood borers. The chemicals help in controlling the damage caused to the wood by wood borer infestation. Further damage to the furniture can be avoided by spraying the furniture with petroleum-based chemicals.
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We provide wood-boring beetles treatment for Industrial, residential and commercial properties. After a primary inspection of the premises, we provide a thorough wood borer treatment to get rid of the borers menace, providing a complete wood borer control solution. We offer affordable pest control services to all parts of Aurangabad.