How to get rid of bed bugs permanently

A bed bug infestation in your home or on your property can become a highly stressful and unnerving situation. Nobody wants to live in a house or work in an office infested with these creepy pests. Although bedbugs are very tiny they are not harmless.
If quick action is not taken to get rid of them, in no time they will take over the whole premises and continue to bite you and suck your blood at night. Getting rid of bed bugs is not easy, you need proactively treat the bed bug infestation and take measures to prevent any infestation in the future.
Hiring a professional pest control service provider is the best way to exterminate a bed bug infestation.
So how do you get rid of bed bugs permanently?

Steps to effectively get rid of bed bugs

There are some steps which you can follow to effectively get rid of bed bugs from your premises permanently.
You may not be aware if your property is infested with bed bugs. There is some common evidence of bed bugs that can help you determine their presence on the premises. Small bites on the skin after you wake up from sleep, the bites are normally in a pattern. If you notice black and red stains on the bedding, it can be the faeces of bed bugs.
You may find tiny shells on the bedding, they can be the carcasses of bed bugs. You may notice black spots on walls or see little bed bugs crawling in the bed lining or linens.
If you find evidence of bed bugs in your house you should start washing all your clothes and linen in hot water. Heat is highly effective to kill bed bugs. Since it is difficult to find out where the bed bug eggs are laid and hatched, it is best to wash everything that is made of fabric right from clothes, bedding, and towels, soft toys etc.
Wash and dry them at a high heat level as bed bugs cannot survive high temperatures. Products like shoes that cannot be washed in the machine can be put in the dryer for 30 minutes. The heat treatment will help kill the bed bugs. After washing all the clothes and linen, seal your mattress in a plastic cover.
Have you noticed reddish brown spots on the mattress? These are signs of bed bugs infestation. Though bed bugs are not only restricted to beds only, they are the most common place to find them. Use a stiff brush to scrub all the seams of your mattress and the bed frames.
The stiff brush will loosen the bed bug eggs and their shells. Next vacuum each and every side of the mattress to remove the eggs and bugs from the mattress. Remember that the cleaning may result in the vacuum becoming infested with bed bugs and their eggs. After using the vacuum it is advisable to place it in a sealed plastic bag and leave it outside the house. Do not touch it for a few days till the bugs don’t suffocate and die.
According to Pestworld, small cracks and crevices in the walls are the best places for bed bugs to hide. They are known to build their nests and colonies in those cracks or places under the joints of wallpaper. Thoroughly inspect all the walls of your home. Fill up any visible cracks and seal any open joints or edges of the wall paper. Bed bugs can also be found in the crevices of your books, so it’s good to declutter them too.
It is believed that only dirty, poorly maintained homes are infested by bed bugs. This is a myth. Even well maintained homes in rich neighborhoods can be infested. Bed bugs can exist wherever clutter exists. Hence it is best to get rid of all the clutter in the house.
Bed bugs breed in dry, cool areas. Clutter is an ideal place for hiding and nesting for bed bugs. A complete cleaning will help you declutter the house and identify any infestation in the early stages. Go through any extra boxes stored under your bed or kept in the store room.
Declutter the books, magazines, clothes in the house. Vacuum all the places thoroughly to get rid of bed bugs hiding even in small nooks and corners.
Their treatments are less expensive as compared to the heat treatments for bed bugs removal.
Their treatment is discrete does not require any big equipment like other treatments.
It’s safer to let professionals do their job rather than using dangerous chemicals on your own to treat the infestation.
Once you’ve called in a professional bed bugs exterminator you need to prepare your premises for the treatment. The treatment normally lasts for a few hours and the house needs to be kept closed for some hours post treatment.
Hence make arrangements to keep your family or pets at some place for those hours of the treatment. Don’t move the furniture away from the walls. Let the furniture including the bed, sofas stay in the same place that they are usually in the house.
After the bed bug treatment is completed, remember to schedule regular inspections of the house to avoid an infestation in the future. Hire a reputable pest control company to manage the pest issues in your house. Once you get rid of the bed bugs from the house, regular inspection and ongoing maintenance is the key to keep the house protected.