What are the early signs to find bed bugs?

Bed Bugs are small and brownish insects that secretly enter your home through clothing, luggage, used beds, and other items. It remains undetected and lives in the blood of humans or animals. Adult bed bugs with flat bodies swell more after feeding. Bedbugs are found to move quickly over walls, floors, and ceilings as they do not fly.
Bed bugs can be mistaken for other insects easily. The more time you take to identify a bed bug, the more it gets spread to other areas of the house. Bites of bed bugs can cause rashes or fungal infections. So, it is important to remove them from your house. You can contact 24x7pms which provides bed bugs control services in Maharashtra for the complete removal of bed bugs from your house.

What is the first sign of bed bugs?

Infestation of a bed bug can cause you a headache if not detected early. These bugs can disturb your sleep and get spread quickly to different corners of your home. Early signs of bed bugs are:

Fecal spots

Bed bugs can stain your sheets and mattress with brownish to blackish spots as a result of their fecal matter.


Bites of bed bugs are mainly painless bites that eventually turn into itchy welts.
People with skin sensitivity can get significant skin irritation from bed bug bites which are sometimes mistaken for the bites of other insects.


Eggs of bed bugs are generally found in cracks and crevices of your house. As their eggs are quite small in size so they often get overlooked.

Molt skin

Molt skin or the remnants of the outer shell called the exoskeleton of bed bugs can be found as shell-like structures under the sheets, or mattress.


Bed bug bites may look like rusty or red streaks on the skin.

Musty smell

Your home infested with bed bugs may smell like an offensive, musty smell. This typical odor helps them to communicate with other bed bugs.

Living or dead bugs

If your place is affected by heavy infestation, then you may spot live or dead bed bugs very often. They generally hide in dark places, such as under the mattress, or behind the wallpapers.
You can seek professional help from 24x7pms, a reputed provider of pest control services in Maharashtra to detect and get rid of bed bugs if they cannot be eliminated with home remedies.

How do you check if bed bugs are there?

Among other methods of identifying bed bugs, a more accurate way to identify an infestation is to look for physical signs of them. While cleaning, try to find out:

How do you catch bed bugs early?

The detection of bed bugs is very difficult sometimes and most of the time they remain undetected, particularly during the early stages of infestation. As an effective way to catch bed bugs, insect sticky traps are often placed out. These traps may capture some of them but they are not reliable enough to use.
Several devices have been developed and introduced in the market for effective monitoring and detection of bed bugs. Bed bug interception devices are placed under the legs of sofas and beds as traps that use carbon dioxide and other chemicals to lure them.

How to Find Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs usually hide in a variety of places like around the bed, near the piping, under the mattress, and in cracks on the headboard and bed frame. In places with heavy infestation bed bugs can be found:
Bedbugs are a real nuisance for your house which should be treated quickly once you identify them. There are several methods to ensure their complete removal from your home. Even after that, be careful about their returning to your house.