Bed Bug Control Treatment in Winter: Is It Required

Some pests hibernate in the winter season. But, some common winter pests enter our home seeking warmth and food. Rats, mice, cockroaches, and spiders are the most common winter pests that can invade your home in the winter months. Therefore, professional pest control services are advised to homeowners. But, is it also required to do bed bug control treatment in the winter months?

Do Bed Bugs Die or Hibernate in Winter Months?

Most people think that bed bugs also hibernate in the winter season like some other pests and insects. However, this isn’t true. Not only are bed bugs active in winter but also they spread in the winter months. Well, whether bed bug control treatment in the winter season is needed or not, depends on their activities.
When the temperature drop, pests, and insects hibernate. While most pests disappear in the winter season, bed bugs go into diapause mode. It means bed bugs pause their development for a certain period. They become active in warmer temperatures.
Because bed bugs get the warmer temperature inside your home, they seek shelter in your place and will make you their host to feed on. Then you will have to make bed bugs away from your house.
But, the good news is that even when they are active in the winter season, the infestation level is not as severe as it happens in the summer season. Hence, bed bug control treatment in winter becomes very easy for you all. Also, you can take precautionary steps to prevent bed bugs’ entry into your home. Let’s see when and how bed bugs can enter your house.

How Do Bed Bugs Enter Homes?

Bedbugs are creepy and pesky pests, who are blood-suckers. They feed on humans’ blood or any mammals on earth. And, there are plenty of ways a bed bug can enter your home. They are known for their travel skills. Bed bugs can quickly hop from one item to another. And, the worst part is that you are unaware of carrying these pests to your home.
If you have ever stayed in a hotel or lodge where the mattresses have bed bugs, then there are higher chances, you will bring them home with your luggage. Bed bugs are super-fast in hopping from one item to another. So, if you have stayed in a hotel or any of your relatives have visited you after staying in a hotel, hostel, or motel, then will probably bring bed bugs for you.
Upholstered furniture pieces also carry bed bugs. If you have bought used furniture, bed bugs may enter your home.
New or used clothes can also be a medium for bed bugs to enter your home if bought from an infected shop. If you want to ensure they don’t have a party in your closet, then wash them in hot water to kill bed bugs.
If your neighbors have bed bugs in their homes, then there is a high chance they will hop into your house.
And remember, the warm temperature in your house in the winter season can help these blood-suckers survive. At night, they will become active to feed on the hosts. But they are not as active as in the summer season. Hence, you don’t need to do bed bug control treatment in winter. However, it’s always good to do pest control at home to keep pests away from your home.

How to Do Bed bug control treatment in Winter Season?

The best way to do bed bug control treatment is to hire a professional pest control company near you. A pest control agency has the right equipment and elements that kill and remove bed bugs from your house. Also, they have expertise in using those materials. They ensure nothing and no one will be damaged or harmed while conducting the pest control.
They develop the right pest control plan and work accordingly. The trained team of pest controllers comes to your place with baits and insecticides. After thoroughly inspecting the infected area, they create a pest management plan and use products that are effective in killing bed bugs and removing them from your home.

Top DIY Bed bug control treatment Ideas

If the intensity of bed bug infestation at home is not too severe in the winter months, then you can opt for DIY bed bug control treatment treatments. Here’s know what are the alternatives of pest control for bed bug control treatment in the winter season.
If you want to get rid of bed bugs fast then you should look for them in your mattresses. Bed bugs like to stay near their host – you. Hence, you should check your mattress first as this is the best place for them to feed on you.

In Conclusion

Though there are several home remedies to keep bed bugs away from your house, the best way to get rid of them is to hire pest control services. Professional pest control service providers in India offer a selection of bed bug control treatment options, which include: –
Adult bed bugs cannot survive bed bug control treatment treatments provided by professional exterminators. However, there’s no full guarantee of killing the bed bug eggs completely by professional extermination.
This is the reason why you should get regular bed bug inspections after doing first-time bed bug control treatment services in Maharashtra. The inspection will identify the need for bed bug control treatment and provide adequate solutions to you.