Termite treatment at home

If you love wooden furniture and have used a lot of food while building your house you will need to ensure you keep the Termites at bay. Termite problems are one of the biggest nightmares for homeowners, as once the termites enter your house, they will cause a lot of damage and it is very difficult to get rid of them.
There are many home remedies that promise to solve the termite problem and prevent termite infestation in the future. However, none of these home remedies is 100% successful in getting rid of termites. Though professional termite control services may be expensive as compared to home remedies or over the counter products for termite control, they are the most effective termite treatments.
The home remedies can help in minimizing the spread of termites and preventing further infestation until a professional exterminator takes over and provides the required treatment to completely get rid of termites and to prevent any future infestations.

Some of the most common products used for termite treatment at home are:

Sodium Borate or Boric acid is a common household cleaning substance. Boric acid acts as a neurotoxin for termites it attacks the termites’ nervous systems, shuts them down and dries them out. To treat a termite infestation, coat all the infested areas thoroughly with the boric acid powder. You can also fill a spray bottle and spray the mixture of boric acid with hot water every day on the infested areas. The spray can also be used to prevent termite infestations.
The use of Diatomaceous earth is a popular termite control solution. Diatomaceous Earth is abrasive and can cut through the outer shell of termites. This leads to dehydration in the termites and eventual death. At the same time, it is also harmful to us humans and can impact the lungs so a mask should always be worn while applying diatomaceous earth. Sprinkling a thin layer over Diatomaceous Earth on the infested areas every day helps in killing the termites and reducing the infestation. You can also spread it around the foundation of the house to prevent future infestations.
Neem oil is extracted from the leaves and seeds of the Neem tree which has very high medicinal properties. Neem oil has the power to impact the reproductive cycle of termites. Once the oil is ingested by a termite there is a hormonal change in it. The hormonal imbalance makes the termite forget to eat food and mate. This ultimately stops the laying of eggs and the growth of new termites.
The use of orange oil as a termite solution is a great option as it is low in toxicity. The orange rinds contain D-limonene which are not harmful to humans or pets but is an ideal solution to kill the termites. Orange oil is most effective during the beginning stages of infestation, not after they have completely grown and fully invaded. The orange oil is used for local application and needs to be applied serval times in all the infected places to create a noticeable effect.
White vinegar is another common household substance used for treating termite problems. For maximum effect, the vinegar mixture should be created by adding few tablespoons of lemon juice in ½ cup vinegar. Spray the mixture twice or thrice every day to prevent termite infestations. However, vinegar is not as effective as other prevention methods.
Salt or Sodium chloride can be useful in both treating and preventing termite infestations. You can dissolve salt in hot water and fill syringes with the mixture. Use the syringe at the entry point of the colony. The mixture can also be filled in a spray bottle and sprayed on the infected area, or cotton balls soaked in the mixture can be placed near the infestation.

Treat termite infestations professionally

The home remedies for treating termites can be helpful and can help restrict the infestation from growing. These methods cannot kill the termites completely and prevent future infestations. The do it yourself termite control methods are suitable for small infestations which can be controlled but if the infestation has spread, professional termite control methods are the best option.
Professional exterminators have the required knowledge and experience to control and eradicate the termite infestation. They use high-end equipment to locate even the deeply hidden termites and eradicate them. Professional pest control methods are thorough and highly effective.