Natural Ways to Hasten Mosquitoes from Your Home

Just think that you are back home after a very tiring day from work, you are so much tired that your mind only wants rest. You have fallen asleep and then you hear a voice whining near your ear and then it will followed by itching and scratching.
Mosquitoes are creepy little irritating creatures and their presence can ruin your night and even your calmness. Mosquitoes are tiny but very dangerous one sting and your next tour might be to the hospital. Malaria, dengue, diarrhea, yellow fevers are only some of the diseases that are led by these insects.
Hastening them is not a tough task. There are a number of mosquito repellents available in the market for your aid but these repellents contain chemicals that are harmful to your family, your environment and to you yourself.
But hey don’t worry there are a plethora of natural remedies available for your rescue that won’t dig out a hole in your pocket and are environment-friendly. These are simple natural remedies and their ingredients can be found easily in your home.


The carbon dioxide we exhale attracts mosquitoes. The remedy here is very simple, put dry ice in a bucket and wait for the mosquitoes to come. When mosquitoes come they will get attracted by it and all you have to do is close the lid.
The method may be time-consuming but is very effective.
(Note- Handle dry ice carefully. It can cause a burn)


Citronella is very effective in wiping off all the mosquitoes from your home. Plant a citronella in your home or burn its leaves. You will see no mosquito after this remedy.


You don’t know but mosquitoes hate garlic. Just bring garlic to your home and its essence will automatically kill them all. This is the cheapest remedy and it is fruitful.


Along with your morning energizer, your coffee can kill mosquitoes too. “Weird” isn’t it. All you have to do is put coffee in the grounds where mosquitoes are breeding. Coffee contains a substance that stops genesis of mosquitoes thus breaking their expand.

5. Camphor

Found in every house to prevent blankets from winter pests camphor has other uses also. Just put camphor in your house and mosquitoes will not come back again.


Essential oils used for moisturizing all types of skin can be your friend against mosquitoes. Put essential oils in your home or apply to your skin or just burn them. They work in many different ways and are very effective.


I can bet this that you will find salt and water in every house in India. Yes, you read right salt. Even this simple ingredient can repel mosquitoes. Just add water to 2-3 pinches of salt and make a paste out of it. Apply it to your skin and you will see its magic.


In India plantation of a neem tree is treated as a divine affair and why not when it gives you that much ton of gains. This simple plant’s oil can be your ally against mosquitoes. Just put neem oil inside your home or sow a plant inside your house.
Along with these tips, there are also a number of tips that will help you on your cleaning attempt.

9. DO’S

10. DONT’S

These tips will help you out on your way. If you don’t see any result after many efforts don’t worry. You can contact 24x7pms. Here you will find every pest solutions.