Note: Bad Odor of chemical doesn’t mean good quality of pesticide and excess use of chemical is always harmful...
Although it is quite easy to know when pest infestation strikes your beloved spaces, the evidence can sometimes be subtle. Subtle evidence would include powdered bits of furniture, or half chewed up food or unfortunately your loved ones falling sick. Pests are called so, because they annoy you physically or mentally, and chances are you wont be able to miss the signs. However, the severity of infestation can be judged by professionals. It is important to also identify the type of infestation and customise the service. Professionals also help determine the pest control methods that would pose a threat to the health of your family.

There is not really a best time to employ pest control services. Call on the experts as and when you spot apest invading your home or office space. However, spring is usually the best time to get the services done
as in winter most pests remain dormant and won’t come out. With increased temperature and humidity,
it becomes easy to eliminate pests as they are most active.

Usually you don’t have to clean your house after the pest control treatment, but depending on the kind of
treatment and chemicals being used, your pest control agency should explain you if there are any need of cleanup for anything in your house. But you may need to vent your house properly to get rid of any smell
post treatment.

Almost immediately! Some pests will get eliminated as soon as the apt chemicals are sprayed but there
will be some which will die over the course of few days. Results also vary from pest to pest. For example
the wasp is removed as soon as the nest destroyed but in the case of rodents or roaches the chemicals
take time to work their magic. Basis your problem, the technician will outline the process that needs to be
employed and the associated expectation from it A noticeable difference can be observed within a day or
two of getting a pest repeller service. If you notice pest activity even after two weeks, call our service

Residential Pest Control Service Treatments Are Effective Against Ants, Bedbugs, Beetles, Box Elder Bugs, Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Crickets, Earwigs, Fleas, Flies, Gophers, Grasshoppers, Hornets, Mice, Millipedes, Moles, Mosquitoes, Moths, Mud Daubers, Rats, Roaches, Scorpions, Silverfish, Spiders (Including Black Widow, Brown Recluse & Hobo), Tics, Voles, Wasps.
The frequency of pest control services can vary from property to property. Here are some factors that can help you determine the number of time you should get the services done: Type of property- A restaurant or a retail store needs the services consistently. This history of pest attack- how often in the past have you hd this problem? The amount of time you deal with this problem on your own Your service expert will be able to give you a fair idea on the frequency after a thorough inspection. Normally in a home, the frequency of pest control services may be an annual affair and will keep your house pest free.

Preventive measures, depending on the condition, may be advised. For example, if a treatment to
eradicate mice has been carried out which includes glue boards to be installed under taps; it is advised
not to use the taps for some time. In case of bed bug treatment, it is advised not to use bed boxes

Our Treatments Are Customized To Your Specific Needs. Each Treatment Is Different And Is Designed To Effectively Control Pests While Minimizing Costs.
We Use Only The Safest Products For People And Pets. All The Products We Use Are Specifically Targeted For The Pests We Are Treating. Because Our Treatments Are Customized To Your Specific Needs, We Avoid Applying Products Unnecessarily. No Evacuation Is Necessary When We Perform Our Treatments.
Our Services Are Reasonably Priced And Are Based On The Type Of Pest Being Treated And The Size Of The Area To Be Treated. Because There Are So Many Variables When It Comes To Eradicating Your Problem. Please Call Our Office To Speak With A Service Representative So We Can Get Details About Your Property And Pest Problems To Get Pricing. Call 9823 550 660
In Most Cases, We Can Start Treatments Within 24 Hours. We Go Out Of Our Way To Make Sure You Are Happy, And Part Of That Is Ensuring Timely Service. Call 9823 550 660 For A Free Quote And To Schedule Service.
Depending On The Type Of Pest Being Treated, You May Still See Them Even After The Service, Though This Is Typically Only For A Limited Time. Eggs Within A Colony May Continue To Hatch For Up To 60 Days After The Initial Treatment. Our Staff Can Explain What To Expect With Your Specific Service.
Ants and termites look similar and are often confused with one another. But there are obvious signs that can help you distinguish between them. The best way is to get an inspection done by trained pros but here are some obvious indicators: Antennas – Termites have straight antennas while ants have elbowed ones Termites have a straight and usually a longer body, ants have pinched waist Termites are white or translucent in nature and are also called ”white ant". Ants in India are either black or red.
To successfully get rid of mice and rats, it is critical to determine the size of the rodent While deciding the bait be careful of following sanitation process to ensure it doesn't attract more rats. If you are using rat poison, be extremely careful of cleaning the areas the poison has been exposed to Also, it is not one of the safest methods with children or pets around. Rat traps may help you catch them with significant difficulty, but their pattern brings them right back to the place where they find food.
Most of the pests have actually been living in your neighbourhood way before you did. They may even been there before it existed and are placed in the neighbourhood because of the landscape, plants or even the weather. It does not necessarily mean that there is a sanitation problem in your house/office. Pests are merely there in your house because it provides them the basic things to survive- food, shelter and water. Which is why the inspection by our service experts is extremely important for it tells you the steps you can take to make your home pest free!
24×7 offers a wide array of treatment options for pests from ants to rodents. Our treatments use the latest application techniques and products, and with respect to the environment.
We design our programs to stop pests before they get in to your home! We create a barrier around the perimeter of your home to decrease an insect’s ability to gain entry. However, if pests do gain access to your home, we have treatment methods that will effectively eliminate them.
Fleas, ticks and bed bugs are highly mobile pests and are carried easily between locations or within an apartment building. Therefore, identifying the source of the infestation and taking the proper steps to ensure a re-infestation does not occur can take multiple service visits.
Bed bugs are not just in beds. They live in chair cushions, sofas, behind electrical outlets, cracks and crevices around baseboards, and even behind picture frames. In other words bed bugs can live pretty much anywhere.
Consumers need to be vigilant in assessing their home and surroundings. When you return from a trip, check your luggage and clothing. If you think you may have a bedbug infestation, you need to contact a pest control professional. Bed bugs are not a pest you can control with do-it-yourself measures.
Bed bugs are very elusive, and are often found in areas besides the bed. In addition, bed bugs can live for months without feeding and can withstand a wide range of temperatures from nearly freezing to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. You can control bedbugs with vigilance, constant inspection and treatment by professional pest control companies.
You get a guarantee with your bed bug service if the following conditions are adhered to when you receive service.
1) Did you remove all clothing includings, bedding, curtains and stuff animals from your home prior to the first treatment.
2) Did you have your second service in 12 to 14 days after the first service.
3) Did you get bed bug covers on all your mattresses and box spring that were in your home at the time of treatment. Then your can get a free extra service if you call and notify us by phone prior to the end of your six week gueateen.
No. They lured in by moistened or decaying wood, but termites can eat any type of wood or wood products including drywall, wallpaper, and furniture.
If you don't have professional termite protection around your home, you should be worried. When the termite colony in your neighbor's yard or house becomes mature, it will produce hundreds of termite swarmers. When this happens, your home is at risk of a termite infestation.