When Do Mosquitoes Come Out? (Time of Day)

Just as you’re getting excited about enjoying the warm weather in your beautiful yard, that’s also when mosquitoes start to come out, unfortunately.
Mosquito season usually starts in the spring when temperatures outside reach 50°F, and it lasts throughout the summer and fall. This year in New York City, mosquitos are expected to be active from March through October.
But here’s a bit of good news for homeowners with backyard mosquito problems:

Mosquitoes aren’t active ALL the time.

Like the waves of an ocean, the presence of mosquitoes ebbs and flows throughout the day. Knowing when mosquitoes come out and when they go back into hiding can help you and your family enjoy qu When Do Mosquitoes Come Out?ality time outdoors while avoiding those dreaded bites.

When Do Mosquitoes Come Out?

Generally speaking, mosquitoes come out to feed around sunrise, sunset, and at nighttime. They’re rarely active during the middle of the day when the sun is out, since direct sunlight and high midday temperatures can quickly dehydrate them.
But don’t think of this as a rule — the exact times of day that mosquitoes are most active may vary, depending on:
In terms of weather, mosquitoes tend to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. That means you’re less likely to see them around noon on bright sunny days. But on cloudy days, all bets are off.
Temperature is another important factor. The ideal temperature range for mosquitoes is between 64°F to 93°F (18°C to 34°C), and activity peaks around 80°F.
Depending on the month and where you live, that ideal range might fall on different hours of the day.
The times when mosquitoes are most active can also vary depending on their species — although you might see some overlap if your home has been taken over by different kinds of mosquitoes.

The Best Time(s) of Day to Avoid Outdoor Mosquitoes

In general, the best time for outdoor activities during mosquito season is during the middle of the day, especially when it’s bright and sunny.
You can avoid getting bitten by limiting the time you spend outside in the early mornings, late evenings, and at night — depending on the species of mosquitoes in your area, of course.
Other times and places when mosquitoes are generally less active:

How to Keep Mosquitoes off Your Property

There are many do-it-yourself solutions to kill or repel mosquitoes, which we’ll cover in another article. But if you’re sick of getting bitten in your own backyard, consider getting a professional mosquito spraying service.
Mosquito control professionals, like the ones here at 24x7pms, have access to effective and eco-friendly mosquito sprays, the latest equipment, and the expert know-how to use them specifically in targeted areas where mosquitoes are most likely to hide.
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