What do rats hate the most?

A rat infestation is the most devastating experience for any homeowner. It exposes the residents to serious health hazards and dangerous pathogens. Rats are also capable of causing damage to furniture and household belongings. It is important that you prevent these rodents from entering your home. Here are five prevention measures you can try that rats hate the most.

1. Store food items in thick airtight containers

Rats are attracted to food, and they will do almost anything to reach the source of nourishment. They will consume almost anything and everything from nuts, seeds, grains, and garbage. They are also known to consume dog food readily. Cleaning leftover food from the kitchen surface is the most important thing a homeowner can do that rats hate the most. So it is equally essential you store all your food in air-tight containers made up of glass.

2. Pungent odors

Rats have a well-developed sense of smell. They can sniff out food from far away. Specific smells such as peppermint cause irritation to the airways of rodents, eventually keeping them away.
Humans love the refreshing fragrance of peppermint, but rats hate this the most and cannot stand this odor. Spraying peppermint around the perimeter of your home or placing peppermint-scented mothballs in areas frequented by the rat will surely deter them from entering that area.

3. Cats

We all are familiar with the food pyramid. Cats are natural enemies of rats. Keeping a pet cat and training it to hunt rats will work wonders. However, make sure to keep delicate crockery, showpieces, and tableware secure. For example, the cat mouse chase could cause you to incur more expenses of replacing the expensive glassware handed down by your parents.

4. Keep the garden clean, and the trash cans closed securely

Vegetation in your garden can attract rodents. Trimming the grass shrubs and picking off ripened fruit will ensure the garden is clean and rats have no food source. Another way to keep rats off your premises is by closing the trash cans that usually are left wide open. Rats hate it when the food source is difficult to get to and eventually give up and forage elsewhere.

5. Setup snap traps

Appropriately baited and strategically placed snap traps are the most traditional way of catching rodents. Provided you are comfortable handling the trapped rodents and releasing them at a remote spot away from your home.
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