What are the types of Cockroaches

Everyone who lives in North Georgia has encountered cockroaches at one time or another. No home is completely immune from a small or large cockroach invasion.
Gainesville is no different than other North Georgia towns in terms of these fast-moving, nocturnal nightmares. According to the University of Georgia Extension, there are five major types of cockroaches that can be spotted most often here in Gainesville and North Georgia.

1. American Cockroach

The adult American Cockroach is about 2 inches long and moves fast. It has pale markings on its upper thorax. This cockroach loves the dark and seeks lots of water. You won’t see this guy in your attic, but you may see him in your basement or drainage pipes.

2. Smokybrown Cockroach

The dark red mini-monsters called Smokybrown Cockroaches are about an inch and a half long. Their nymphs have a white band across their backs that looks like a striped shirt. These cockroaches are suburban and they hang out in treeholes and sheds outside of your house and in the attic or crawlspaces inside your home. You won’t see them in the basement like the American Cockroach, or in the kitchen spending time with the German Cockroach.

3. Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental Cockroach is a little more than an inch long and is a dark red that is almost black. The males have short, stubby wings that don’t cover their abdomen, kind of like a tuxedo coat that doesn’t fit well. The females don’t have wings at all. The Oriental Cockroach likes to hang out with the Smokybrown and the American cockroach, but usually outdoors only. The good news is that they don’t usually invade suburban homes. They prefer to stay in the great outdoors.

4. Asian Cockroach

This cockroach only gets to about half an inch long, sometimes a little longer. It is tan in color, with a couple of stripes on its thorax (belly). This cockroach has a special superpower in that it is actually pretty good at flying. The Asian Cockroach also loves light and spends its time in tall grass, leaves, and mulch. They are attracted to light, so are sometimes found near your lighted outdoor areas.

5. German Cockroach

German Cockroaches are also about half an inch long, and sometimes a little longer. This cockroach is also tan, and also has stripes, but they are higher up, so they look like the Asian Cockroach. You can tell them apart more by where they like to congregate. The German Cockroach is not outdoorsy like the Asian Cockroach. It loves indoor areas, especially the kitchen in warm areas with water, near appliances. You may see German Cockroaches under the dishwasher. This cockroach may also cause allergies in some children.

Preventing Cockroach Invasions in Gainesville, Georgia

All of Georgia’s top five cockroaches are found in Gainesville, Georgia backyards, kitchens, and basements. They are most active at night, but you’ll see them during the day sometimes. Reach out to us today for quarterly treatments that create a barrier that can actually prevent these cockroaches from coming inside your home in the first place. We’ll also help you set up and seal up your property and home to keep everything pest-free.