What are the early signs of bed bugs infestation?

People living in bed bugs infested homes may experience mental anguish; they may suffer from anxiety and insomnia.
Identifying the early signs of bed bugs can save one from facing bigger problems and can help you to get rid of bed bugs permanently saving you from trouble in the future. To determine the early warning signs of bed bugs infestation, the first step is to learn to identify bed bugs.

Identify Bed bugs

Bed bugs look like other insects, being able to identify them will help distinguish them from other household pests. This will help save time, money, and avoid stress.
Adult bed bugs are small, reddish brown, oval shaped insects which move very fast. They’re around 4 to 5 mm in diameter. Bed bugs have six legs and two antennae, their segmented bodies have tiny hairs giving them a striped look.
The younger bed bugs are translucent in colour. They may look white or light brown when young. Once they start feeding on human blood, they turn bright red.
Similar to most insects, bed bugs have an exoskeleton as a hard shell. They shed their exoskeletons or skin as they grow.
Understanding the behaviour and habits of bed bugs will help to find an infestation before it spreads and causes more damage.

Behaviour and Habits of Bed Bugs

The bed bugs generally move out in the night to feed on humans when they are sleeping, during the day they hide in a number of places. Bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices around the bed, they can be found near the piping or the seams of the mattress and box spring, in the bed frame and headboard.
Once the infestation spreads, you will find bed bugs hiding in the seams of chairs and sofas, between cushions, in the folds of curtains, under loose wallpapers, at the corners where walls and ceilings meet etc.
Since the bed bugs are very tiny they can fit into really small hiding spots, even small cracks in the walls or furniture.
The bed bugs can travel 5-20 feet from their hiding places to feed. A feed takes around 3 to 12 minutes. The dark spots or bloody spots you may notice in the morning on bed sheets are because of bed bug excrement.
In moderate to severe infestations, you may notice bed bugs in all life stages. The female bed bugs lay up to 12 eggs each day. You may notice bed bug eggs in the seams of the mattress or bed or fin baby bed bugs crawling.
Seeing actual bed bugs in your bedroom or around the house is a clear signal that you have a big problem on your hands. Before the problem becomes uncontrollable, look out for some early warning signs that can help stop the infestation in the early stages.

Early signs of bed bugs infestation

Below mentioned are some of the early signs of bed bugs infestation in your house:

Itchiness and Skin irritation

If you wake up in the morning and experience skin irritation or itchiness that was not present before you slept, it could indicate that bed bugs are present in the room or bed. Especially if you have just travelled from out and the luggage is in the room or you have recently purchased or rented a bed before the itchiness started.

Dark Spots

If you see dark or brown coloured spots on your mattress, bed sheets, the clothing they could be the result of bed bug faecal stains or bed bug moulted skin.

Dead Bugs

If you have undertaken any pest control or DIY treatment you may notice some dead bugs around your bedroom.

Musty Odour

Bed bugs communicate by emitting a sort of musty odour from glands in their bodies. If you smell a musty odour in your room there may be a bed bugs infestation in the house.

Red Bumps or Welts

If you notice red bumps or welts on the upper part of your body when you wake up in the morning, you may be experiencing a bed bugs infestation in the house.

Disturbed Sleep

If you have a disturbed sleep at night and keep waking up multiple times in the middle of night, it may be an early sign of bed bugs infestation. Bed bugs feed at night that could interrupt your sleep.

Professional Bed Bug Treatment Services

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