Ways to Keep Cockroach Infestation Out Of the House

How many of you like to see little cockroaches scurrying around in the house? I am sure no one does. It is mostly because we don’t know how to tackle it without affecting our household routine. Cockroaches are known to be one of the despicable pests that could infest your house. They are not just indicators of an unhygienic environment but also carriers of diseases. If you come across the flying ones it will be one of the most horrible experiences.
Houses and apartments provide a suitable environment for our little guests. Their most favorable department for infestation is the kitchen as it provides food, shelter, and water to survive. It is for this reason that for getting rid of cockroaches it is better to start with home remedies. Just like other pests, cockroaches multiply at great speed. You will find just one and then in a week ten, twenty of them can be seen running around the place.
Professional pest control services are the best in controlling cockroach infestation but as most of us scared to use chemicals on our premises, home remedies are a go-to. The best thing about home remedies is that the items required for them are easily available and you won’t have to go searching for unknown things.

What attracts cockroaches to your house?

Cockroaches, just like any other living organism, look for perfect conditions to thrive. All they need is a warm, cozy atmosphere, with a little bit of dirt and water. It’s what they feed on. So, what are the things that you are doing wrong to send invitations to these unwanted guests?

Dirty dishes in the sink

It is understandable to leave dirty dishes for the maid to come in the morning and wash them off. But did you know leaving them behind at night allows cockroaches to easily find their food? As they most wander off at night in search of food, having a pile of dirty dishes seems like a party to them. Seeing this, they decide to dwell in your house without leaving. So, avoid leaving dishes at night. If you don’t have time, at least clean the waste from the dishes and then dump them in the sink.

Food crumbs

Even if you don’t have kids or pets at home, some food crumbs are destined to go under the sofa or cylinder where your hand won’t reach. This attracts pests to your house. Leftovers and food crumbs are very inviting to these pests. Keep your kitchen area clean and mop it up as soon as something falls off.
You can try wiping the floor with fabric softener solution once in a while to keep these pests at a distance. This way you’ll keep them away and your kitchen will smell clean.


Most of us are too lazy to put garbage in the trash can. This results in inviting pests to your house. Leaving garbage out in open won’t be a good idea if you are worried about pest infestation. Always get a garbage can with lids so that, you can keep them closed, or else the smell would find its way to their sensory organs bringing them home. You won’t want that.

Leaking pipes

Who likes leaking pipes and seeping walls?
Cockroaches surely do. If there is seepage in your house, you will find molds appearing on the wall soon. It won’t take long for the cockroaches to smell their way in. These pests want a suitable surrounding where they can find moisture and food. For food, they can look for in the kitchen and for moisture, these leaking pipes will provide.
Having a leaking pipe can turn the house into a place with a humid setting. It is also important that you check for collected water near your house. This can become a birthplace for not just cockroaches but other pests as well. So, try to fix these loopholes before you go on to try out remedies.
Here, is a list of remedies to help you tackle cockroach infestation at home effectively.

Home remedies for treating a cockroach infestation

Remedy no. #1: Boric Acid

Boric acid has been the best home remedy for eradicating not just cockroaches but other pests as well. Dusting a little bit of the boric powder in the infested area can effectively kill the cockroaches as they come in contact with it. You can dust it on the floor and in the corners to keep them away.
The boric powder loses its effectiveness as soon as it comes in contact with water. The powder is poisonous so, while administering it one must be careful of not getting them in contact with the pets or children.

Remedy no. #2: Baking Soda

You want to bait your cockroaches, then you need baking soda. By preparing a solution made of sugar and baking soda you can control the multiplication of the cockroaches. Sugar used attracts pests and baking soda kills them effectively. Simply find their hideouts and sprinkle the mixture around. You will see the result soon.

Remedy no. #3: Neem

Neem, a desi remedy for treating a variety of pests over the years. It is the most basic home remedy available in every Indian household. Neem can be used in various forms, whether it is oil or powder it will work just the same. It has potent components that kill cockroaches in no time.
In case you are planning to use neem in its oil form, then you need to add a small amount of water with drops of neem oil. You can keep it in a spray bottle to help you reach the corners effectively.
In case you are planning to use the powder, then simply try sprinkling it in the infested area during the nighttime following the process in the morning. Spraying neem oil is the best as you can reach every nook and corner and treat the infestation completely.

Remedy no. #4: Peppermint Oil

Essential oils are another effective method to get rid of cockroaches at home. They are easily available in stores. Especially the peppermint oil is the most effective essential oil one can use to keep these tiny pests at bay. Use a spray by adding peppermint oil and saltwater. Spray it on the infected area and the difference will be visible from the first use itself.
Peppermint oil has a cool and refreshing smell and does not contain harmful chemicals so, using it at home won’t have any sort of bad impact on people around the house. It also has anti-bacterial properties and inhaling it would cure any respiratory infection.

Remedy no. #5: Bay leaves

Bay leaves have been said to have medicinal properties and can be used in various ways to get rid of pests at home. In case you are an environmentalist and don’t want to kill them, you can use bay leaves to shoo them away. Crushing some bay leaves and sprinkling them all over the place is one of the ways to send them out.
You can also boil a few leaves and spray the water in the corners. This natural home remedy will help you send these pests out without killing or harming them. The cockroaches don’t like the smell of the bay leaves hence, leave the place immediately.

Remedy no. #6: Fabric softener

Fabric softeners are used to keep your clothes always new but did you know, that they can be used to remove cockroaches from your premises? It has been tested to repel pests. All you have to do is mix water with the fabric softener and spray it on the cockroach.
The tiny little creature will die instantly. If your house is facing infestation on a small scale, this method can be very effective, but in case of a large-scale infestation, this won’t do. You’ll have to call a pest control company to handle the task.