Summer is at our doorstep, so are lizards: Tips to get rid of them

Summer is here! It is that time of the year, again, when lemonades and hats will be a boon from heaven for many. The days of sweltering heat and the burning sun is on our doorstep; it is time to head out to the beach in the evening to cool your body and soul.
Wait! There is a lizard on your door and not just summer! Be careful; do not step on it. Does this sound close to your situation at home? Time to call the lizard pest control services.

Lizards LOVE this Season

Lizards are cold-blooded creatures, which means their bodies do not maintain the requisite body temperature for their biological functions. Their hunting style requires fast reflexes and muscle movements, for they usually capture their prey with a flick of their tongue. Such a movement needs their muscles and body to be warm.
To warm their bodies, they can often be seen basking in the sunlight early morning. Not only does it warm their body, but it also facilitates their digestion. The interesting fact is that their dependency on sunlight for metabolism means they can skip food for a longer time if they stay out of the sun. However, their love for sunbathing also means that the summer season is the time you will need pest control for lizards in Maharashtra and the rest of the country.

Peek-a-boo! Find lizards at your home here

Lizards, like introverts, like cozy places in your home. They prefer hanging out in small, dark, covered, and cool places. Most pest control services start from looking under your couch, chairs, bookshelves, or tables in a room. Other popular places to find your lizard friends are closets, vents, baseboards, cushions, and potted plants.
You may even find them peeking from behind hanging photos and frames. The reason they love their dark spots in your home is to avoid sunlight. Too much sunlight can warm their bodies a little too much.
Outside your house, you can find lizards among plants, in the shady parts of your porch, and garage.

How to give farewell to your lizard friends?

When you spot lizards inside or outside your home, your first reaction could be to give a call to the nearest organization with pest control for lizards in Maharashtra. However, there are some DIY and eco-friendly pest control methods that are easy and effective:
Spraying ice water on that occasional lizard that invades your home will make it move along faster. Probably the most humane solution, this method works because the reptiles would like to maintain their body temperature, and an ice bath is a no-no.
The beautiful peacock feathers seem to scare lizards away quicker than any of the pest control in Maharashtra can with their entrapments. The reason is speculated to be the “eye” on the top part of the feather.
Cats do not get along with a lot of organisms, including lizards. If you are not particularly inclined to keep the reptile alive, you can have your kitty on guard, which will keep lizards away from your house.
Not many like spicy food, and neither do lizards. Spraying the corners of your house with homemade or store-bought pepper spray can be effective in keeping the reptiles away, especially when the spray is laced with tabasco sauce.
Using ultrasonic devices that emit a sound of frequencies, only lizards can hear another humane solution to keep them away. However, you would need multiple devices to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Why choose Pestcure to get rid of lizards?

Chances that you have lizards at home, already, is high. Getting rid of them is not very hard, especially if you follow the above tips. However, to get effective results using a pest management organization is the best bet. Moreover, environmentally friendly pest control repellents like 24x7pms Veto Lizard, which follows the ancient pest repellent formula, solve your lizard problem without any harmful side-effects to you and the environment.
So it is time to lose your lizard friends and go green doing that.