Say Goodbye to Cockroaches and Mice: The Most Common Home Intruders

Pests are just everywhere. There is never a need to worry though as long as they are outside your house. Because they can be a great nuisance if inside. In such cases, you have to take precautions to prevent them from entering your ‘home, sweet home’.
Pests, when inside, simply take over any place. And if they are not eliminated at the earliest, they can cause more harm than you and I can think.
These home invading pests are of various kinds. While some of them are visible as they run all over your house or at the workplace, without showing any care humans present around, there are other kinds of Pests too who only come out when we humans are absent from a place. Be it your kitchen, your bathroom, or your storeroom – these nasty creatures only pop out when there is absolute isolation.
Both of these pest varieties are dangerous for your health and wealth (Oops!) and must be eradicated at the earliest.
While there are many, Cockroaches and Mice are some of the commonly found pests that invade almost every house on the planet. They are ugly as undumped garbage and bring a lot of diseases with them.
Cockroaches contaminate the food by transmitting dangerous bacteria through food. And they are very hard to eliminate as they survive your numerous attempts to kill.
Mice, on the other hand, contaminate food kept for preparation with their feces and causes food poisoning. They also continuously gnaw the wood items in your property and damage every furniture in the building.

How to eliminate these pests?

Block and Seal the entry points

Close all the entry points available in your property such as small cracks, holes, and sanitation pipe cracks. Seal the holes so that pests never get a chance to re-enter after eradication inside the building. Use only steal materials to close the holes in the window edges as wood or plastic will be of no use against a mice attack.

Block the food source

Pests breach your house in search of food and shelter. After blocking the entry, food availability must be stopped. All the food items must be tightly sealed. Littering of food inside and outside the house should be avoided. If children litter, they should be advised to avoid such things and the littered food should be immediately cleaned and swiped. Pests need food to survive. Without food, they will never stay in a house.

Clean the house

Pests need places in a building to hide. They look for dark places for a warm environment. Continuous cleaning of these comfort places will deprive them of their safety. As they do not roam around during the day and dislike open and clean spaces, they try to leave the building that is not safe for them.

Use Baits and Traps

Mice and rats cannot be always caught and killed. Along with the traps, poison baits should be used to eliminate them for once and for all. Keep the baits at all possible places of hiding and destroy them. For rodents, traps should be placed in their routes to catch them. Spraying should be avoided as it is only a short-term solution and it also contaminates the atmosphere inside the house. Children and elders might be severely affected and it can also contaminate food items kept in the kitchen.

Consult a Professional Pest Controller

Sometimes every other method fails to eliminate pests from your house. Under such circumstances, consider consulting a professional. If you live in Maharashtra, there is the availability of our exceptional pest control services in Aurangabad.
We provide rat control service in Maharashtra and are profoundly experienced in providing cockroach control services in Maharashtra as well.
Give us a call in case you are unable to control rodents and cockroaches after repeated attempts. Our Pest control services are carried out by professionals, who know the best methods to eradicate pests out your beautiful building.
A rodent can destroy the structure of your building and if there is a lot of woodwork, rodents can also settle below the basement of your building, making it a happy place to live, and causing dollops of troubles for you.
Considering the same, have a positive mindset to completely wipe out pests from your house. Trying to live with them will simply ruin your family’s health and damage your property. It is best to shield your place in a way that leaves no room for pests to invade the building.