List of Disturbing Facts about Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, brown, small, and oval-shaped insects, are one of the biggest problems for residential and business areas. These annoying pests suck blood and lay hundreds of eggs. Bed bugs have become widespread by building resistance to pesticides used as pest control for bed bugs.
It is important to get rid of them by seeking help from professionals like 24x7pms which provides Pest Control Services in Maharashtra. They know better than us about bed bugs and how to control them scientifically with essential follow-ups. To deal with a bed bug infestation, you should opt for bed bugs control services Maharashtra,. It is important to cast them out of your house immediately.
These nuisance parasites come out at night and crawl around your house. It is not a good experience with them around your house. This is why we have listed some disturbing facts about bed bugs that you may not know.

Are bed bugs seen by the naked eye?

The appearance of bed bugs varies in different stages of their development. As these pests resemble other household bugs, it is difficult to recognize them with our naked human eye. 24x7pms, which provides services like pest control for bedbugs, recommends recognizing the blood-sucking creatures by their size, shape, and musty smell.
Adult bed bugs that look like baby cockroaches are visible to the naked human eye. They are reddish-brown with an oval, flat body. You can easily spot adult bugs around the mattress and the headboard.
Nymphs are tiny baby bed bugs that are semi-transparent in color. Nymphs are no larger than a sesame seed. Their tiny size is the reason for unrecognized infestation for several weeks.
Bed bug eggs are whitish and look like the poppy seed in size. You can see eggs with a naked eye but their miniature size makes them difficult to recognize.

How smart are bed bugs?

Bed Bugs are intelligent because they know the night is the best time to feed when you are asleep. Bed bugs are smart in many ways:

Did you know facts about bed bugs?

There are many unknown facts about Bed Bugs:

Ten Myths and Misconceptions about Bed Bugs

There are numerous misconceptions about bed bugs. Due to the densely populated urban areas, the spreading of bed bugs is increasing rapidly. Straight from the experts of 24x7pms, a provider of bed bugs control services in Maharashtra,, some of the most notorious myths about bed bugs are:
The very first myth about bed bugs is that they can fly. Bed bugs lack wings, so they cannot fly. Bed bugs just crawl about a meter a minute.
To remove infestations of Bed bugs you should seek professional help from an agency like 24x7pms which provides service of pest control for bedbugs. Your solution will not help that much. Because a pest control professional is an expert in dealing with bed bugs.
They will inspect to determine whether you have bed bugs or any other pest infestation then they will plan to remove bed bugs from your house. They know various types of pesticides to remove bed bugs without harming your health due to the use of pesticides.