Know The Basics About Termite Control Services

Termites are probably one of the most destructive pests out there which can affect both your health as well as property to a great extent. Besides being an easy vector for harmful microbes, they feed on wooden furniture, papers and clothes, etc.
Moreover, you can’t even notice the affected area in your own living space until it is completely destroyed from the scratch. Thus, it is essential to know about these species and how they affect your premises to prevent them from entering.
Understanding about the affected areas, traces, and colonies of the termites is quite tough for a normal household. But, 24x7pms Pest Control Services in Rajasthan is probably the best way to prevent termites. However, there are some basics that can be understood by everyone regarding termites and their infestation.
Let’s start from understanding the structure of the colony of termites which spreads the species all over the premises at a glance. The termite colony is basically made up of three types of termites that are queen, workers, and soldiers.
1. About the queen termite: – By the name itself, these termites are meant to reproduce faster. They can lay more than 2000 eggs in a day and can live up to 25 age. This is why any termite control or prevention measure should target the queen termite in order to disrupt the colony and stop the population of termites.
2. About the worker termites: – Worker termites are the termites that are usually seen destroying the wooden furniture, paper, and clothes. These termites are in creamy color and are meant to chew wood as much as possible for their living. Worker termites are responsible for the losses you have suffered in your property.
3. About the soldier termites: – Soldier termites are the ones that can be noticed first while approaching the colonies of termites. These protect all other termites present in the colony. They are large termites with strong jaws and dark heads and can also bite.

Where do Termites Leave?

Although there are a few common places that have more chances of presence of termite colonies this perspective is quite complicated. You can find termites almost everywhere where moisture is locked i.e. under the foundation, under the furniture, on the corners of walls.
But, not all such spaces will have termites due to some other factors. In the same way, you can find the termites destroying the wooden furniture even inside the cupboard or wooden shelves, but not all of such products are affected with termites.
Thus, the best way to know about the affected areas or infested areas of termites around your premises is to approach the professional 24x7pms pest control services. Only such services have a dedicated set of equipment to detect the presence of termites using UV and thermal radiation to detect proper hiding places of termites.

What to do for protection from termites?

If you want to control termites, then there are powerful exterminators that are used by professional services to terminate the termites entirely from the affected areas.
There are different treatment techniques that work only with dedicated high-quality equipment to perform such control measures for termites. But, if you are looking for preventing termites from entering your premises, then these are a few tips which can help you to a great extent.
1. Prevent moisture locked areas: Termites prefer the places which have moisture for a long time which is why you should make sure that your space has minimum moisture lockdown. Professional termite control experts use different exterminators and chemicals to get rid of termites by reducing the moisture to zero. You should take care of this while construction.
2. Inspect your home from time to time: It is necessary to inspect your home often and clean most of the reachable areas with vacuum cleaners thrice a week. This can help you with minimum destruction if termites are found.
3. Use chemical barriers: 24x7pms Pest control services in Rajasthan can help you with the most efficient chemical barriers with the utmost potential to prevent the termites from your premises.
4. Patch crevices around your house: You must make sure that no cracks or crevices are left around your house. The use of adhesive seals can be a good way to patch such cracks.