How to Prevent Pests in the Kitchen

The last place you’d want to seek out pests would be within the kitchen. The irony here is that the kitchen would be the primary place they’d hit because that’s where the food is. Pests Wandering about, taking a walk on your dirty dishes within the basin, near the kitchen cabinets, feeding on bits of spilled food, expecting you to go while peeping from holes within the walls, all this will leave you feeling disgusted. Following are a number of the ways to stop Pests within the Kitchen:

Keep Your Sink Clean and Empty

Many pests are interested in water and may even swim! Your sink filled with water could become a roach pool party if overlooked too long. Avoid stacking dishes within the sink overnight and be wary of leaving water within the sink.
Try and keep your sink as empty and clean as possible, and you’ll help prevent your home from becoming a roach paradise.

Keep your kitchen dry

Dying insects always run towards the water. Water or other liquid like oil, when mixed together, creates a greasy compound that invites pests and also permanently discolors your cabinets. So always keep your kitchen dry, especially the basin… aim to wipe it whenever you are in use of water.

Use a garbage can with a Lid

Of course, tons of food particles and waste end up in your trash. Many of us store a waste bin under our sink, without a lid. We strongly recommend investing in a very good trash bin which will be closed tightly.
That way, you’ll make it harder for pests to smell out your trash bin and also the food inside. It’s a little thing that will go a protracted way towards keeping pests out of your kitchen.

Seal Holes and Cracks

Check the holes pipes go through. in the kitchen, these would likely be under the sink. If they’re much too wide for the pipes, pests could use them for entry, so seal them with either foam or caulk.
What about cracks? Glue or caulk would also work, which might be especially helpful to keep pesky ants out. Remember that mice can undergo a pencil-sized hole, so seek out every hole and seal even the littlest ones.

Regularly pack up Right after Meals

Wash the dirty dishes. Wipe down tables, countertops, stovetops, and the other surface which will have tidbits of food on them. Sweep the ground. Store leftovers in airtight containers. Not only will pests be unable to urge your food, but they also won’t have cause to invade your kitchen in the first place.
So, keeping your food properly stored, cleaning up food, and avoiding standing water will go an extended way toward keeping pests out of your kitchen. For more preventative recommendations on how yo’ll keep pests out of your home, see our other resources.
It’s always the best idea to contact the professionals first. Pest control experts have access to and training in advanced methods which will remove pests from your home. We’ve years of experience doing this, so if you think that you’ve got a pest problem, give us a call.