How to Get Rid of Wood Borers?

Every house, be it small or big has some wooden furniture or structures. These expensive pieces add to the beauty of your house, but not anymore if they get infested by beetles that love digging holes and residing in them. Yes, you guessed it right, we are indeed talking about the wood borers.
If left untreated, wood borers may damage your entire wooden stuff within no time. So, when you detect the early signs of these pests, do consider an effective wood borer treatment. With a good wood borer pest treatment, you can kill these pests and save your furniture and wooden structures from further damage.
In this post, our main aim is to enlighten you about the best treatment for wood borer in furniture and other wooden structures.
It is quite easy to detect cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats, and other bugs. The main problem with wood borers is that they are hard to detect from the naked eye. So, one should be aware of how to identify these pests inside your furniture or other wooden pieces.
The following is the list of signs that can help you detect wood borers:
Many times people mistake termites to be wood borers and vice-versa. The main difference between the two is that the termites are ant-like tiny insects, whereas wood borers are beetles and not that tiny. There are different types of wood borers, so let us help you identify some of them:
1. Common Furniture Beetle: The most common type of wood borer are the Anobium Punctatum. They grow up to 2.7 to 4.5 mm. These as the name suggests, as commonly found in furniture.
2. Queensland Pine Beetle: Another name for these is Calymmaderus Incisus and these are usually found in south-eastern Queensland. These are comparatively smaller wood borers with 1.5 to 3 mm lengths.
3. European House Borer: These kinds of wood borers are typically found in Australia and grow up between 8 to 20 mm.
4. Lesser Auger Beetle: Also known as, the Heterobostrychus Aequalis, these wood borers have a strange cylindrical body and grow up to 6 to 13 mm.
5. Lyctus Borers: Also known as, the Powderpost beetles, these wood borers are 3 to 19 mm. They are seen feeding both softwood and hardwood.
Having the best furniture is no assurance that it will never get infested by pests that feed on wood like wood borers. So, what if you detect their presence inside your premise? Follow these easy steps to get rid of wood borers:
1. Identify the Type of Infestation: The prime step to take when you detect a wood borer infestation is to identify the type of infestation. For this, you need to check a couple of things. Take for instance, if you notice wood powder around your furniture, it means a clear wood borer infestation. If you see yellow wood powder, it means larvae have grown into adult beetles that are infesting your wooden structures.
2. Select the Suitable Treatment: Based on the type of infestation noticed at your premise, you need to shortlist the suitable wood borer treatment. The main thing to remember here is that not a single wood borer must be left behind, or else it will give birth to larvae and the infestation will resurface. Try to disinfect all the wooden pieces with proper treatment.
3. Do Not Try DIY Treatments: When you detect a wood borer at your premise, make sure you don’t try any DIY treatment for the same. No matter how lucrative or easy the treatment may appear, it is a risky affair to try such treatment by self. It may spread the infestation in all your wooden structures. So, we strongly suggest you leave the task of wood borer pest control to an experienced pest control company like 24x7pms.
4. Do Not Compromise the Quality of Treatment for Cost: It has been noticed that many times people refrain from opting for a wood borer treatment thinking that they can’t afford the wood borer treatment cost. Here, we want to suggest that money spent on an effective wood borer treatment is money saved on the furniture and wooden work installed at your premise. So, never compromise on the quality of the treatment to save money.


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