Termites find their way into your home due to a number of reasons. From moisture to local climate, leaky pipes, poor drainage, wood-touching area and gaps in the foundation, anything could be the reason behind the surreptitious presence in your home
Now even if you know the reasons, somehow it becomes impossible to foolproof your home against the pesky mites. Top Dog makes pest control service easy and affordable for everyone. We can ensure that your building stays clear of all types for a long time.
And when it comes to securing your home against termites, we keep you one step ahead with thorough inspections. But before you book a house call, we need you to know the significance of termite inspections. Only then you can appreciate the service given by us.
As it is mentioned above, termite somehow finds their way into your shelter. Now you may not be able to stop but you can definitely read the signs and determine that you need an inspection.

Signs That Give You an Inkling for Termite Inspections

Crumbling Wood

This is one major hint that the house has become a refuge for termites. These pests make themselves brazenly noticeable with wood crumbles. They seem to be giving you some major cleaning challenges too.

Moisture In Floor

Moisture is also one of the prevalent reasons behind the presence of mites in your home. They give you a clear indication that if the termite isn’t around yet, they can be there soon.

Holes In Wall

The holes can be an inkling that the termites are doing their inside. They are eating the walls and slowly hollowing your property.

Bubbling Paint

The bubbling paint is another red flag that augurs the presence of termites in your home. They do become one of the reasons you should consider for inspection.

Blistering & Hollow Wood

Besides walls, the termites also make the wood hollow. The wooden material is actually their mainstay and helps them subsist in various homes.

Mud Tubes Near Your Home

If you have noticed mud tubes near your home, it is a strong signal that your home has probably become a breeding ground for termites. You must also be asked the experts to check the outdoors in this case.

Discarded Wood Pellets

It’s not just the crumbles, the wooden pellets also warn you about the presence of mites. They become the telltale that you should consider for calling the expert home.

Wings Inside Window Frames

Another indicator that loudly says that you have termites flourishing inside your home. It should not be taken lightly and must be interpreted as a serious indication.

Why Should I Get Rid Of Termites At The Earliest?

Termites are not a direct threat to your health. They don’t bring diseases like bugs, but they can certainly ruin your home sweet home. If they go unnoticed for long, they can leave a serious dent in your pocket. And that’s why it is important for you to have termite inspections as soon as you see a sign.