Get Rid of Your Rodent Concerns

There are lots of different kinds of spiders in the world, and while it may be scary to spot them in your home, most of them are harmless and even helpful at managing pests. Still, we completely understand when homeowners tell us they want spiders to do their bug-eating jobs outside rather than indoors.

Signs You May Have a Rodent Problem

Rodent Nests

Rodent nests are cobbled together with whatever they can find: bits of paper shredding, cloth, cotton, insulation, etc. Rodents like to make their nests in dark and secluded places, such as in walls and attics and under or between floors, where they won’t be bothered. If you happen to find one, there is a strong chance that there are or were rodents living in your home.

Tracks or Rubbing Marks

If the rodents in your home have built a nest, chances are they’ve also found food. If you start to find greasy or dirty marks along floors or the bottoms of walls, they may be the result of contact with a rodent’s oily fur as it searches for food.

Strange Noises

Nobody likes hearing strange noises in their home, especially at night, and especially not in their walls. But if you have a rodent problem, you will likely start to hear these noises as they travel between their nest and feeding places.

Gnawing Marks

If you have found strange holes in bags or containers or even in your plumbing, you could have a rodent problem. Rodents will chew through just about anything to find food and water, including pipes. They will also sometimes chew through wires in your walls, causing a fire hazard.


Rodents will often leave their fecal matter in areas where they found food, such as in cabinets, kitchens, food containers, pantries, under sinks, inside cardboard boxes and along baseboards
If you find droppings, make sure not to touch them or clean them up without first donning protective gear, such as gloves and masks, as rodent droppings can carry disease.

Seeing A Rodent

The most obvious sign of a rodent problem is seeing one. And where there is one, it’s likely that there are more. Rodents breed rapidly; a female house mouse can have six babies every three weeks, up to 35 per year. With that in mind, don’t wait to do something about a rodent problem, as it can quickly get out of hand.

What to Do About a Rodent Problem

There are numerous ways to help keep rodents out of your home. These include:
To get rid of rodents, you can also set traps with food bait and rat poison. However, such methods may pose dangers to your household, particularly if you have young children.