Bed Bugs In Offices – Yes, It Can Happen

In the past Bed bugs used to only be a problem in the hospitality business but today these bugs have become so established that any business can experience bed bug infestation problem. Handling the bed bug problem can be very difficult for a person who hasn’t had an experience with these biting pests.

Our guide can help you get rid of the Bed Bug problem successfully in offices:

Office places aren’t an ideal environment for bed bugs and the first step to remember while dealing with a supposed bed bug infestation is to keep your cool and not panic. It’s possible that bed bugs can be brought into the office environment, still, chances of a full-blown bed bug infestation development are quite low.

How are bed bugs introduced to an office environment?

They enter your office environment unknowingly by people through their personal belongings. Your employees who have bed bug issues at their home may not know that these bed bugs can transport to their workplace via their personal items such as coats, computer bags, purses, or shoes.
People also don’t feel comfortable while speaking about the bed bugs and pest related issues at their home which also increases the chances of bed bug from their house to office. Employees who use public transportation while getting to work may also get in contact with Bedbugs as there might be some other passenger at the same seat who might have the same problem at their home.
Guests/Clients visiting your office may also unknowingly transport bed bugs from their personal homes or from hotels where they might be staying.

Where can bed bugs be found in an office?

Bed bugs might find a home in areas close to people like;

Develop a bed bug action plan

During a bed bug or any kind of pest infestation, a detailed but quick action plan must be created and communicated with all the employees for a rapid implementation which will ensure that these issues are reported & handled in an appropriate manner.

How to develop a bed bug action plan?

Educate employees on bed bugs:

Educating employees can always be beneficial as most bedbugs transport to the office via them. Educating them will end their exposure to bed bugs and hence will help decrease the chances. Provide them with useful tips on how to overcome the problem, avoid bed bugs while travelling.
It’s always beneficial to contact your 24x7pms help provider for better pest management and pest removal services. In some offices, there are logs where employees can report such a thing. Employees should be encouraged to report any suspected pest related activities in the office and then determine the best course of action for their removal.
Keep the coats, purses, computer bags, and other personal belongings off the floor where the bedbug treatment is being started this will reduce the risk this will further reduce the risk of any more bed bug introduction.
Contact the pest management professional as quick as possible, quick because the faster you act the less likely they spread so it’s always good to have your pest service provider pay a visit.
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