Why a Mosquito Bite is a Serious Threat to Humans

Mosquitoes are something beyond an irritating element; they not only destroy your birthday parties by jumping in the barbeque or food drinks but can transmit great health dangers as well. To be honest, they can just transfer hundreds of infection to a human body by just one bite. More than 1 million individuals get caught every year with illnesses caused by mosquito bites.
What’s more is that there are a number of ways to prevent them from entering your house, yet somehow many types of mosquitoes always find a way to enter into your lives. And honestly, it’s nothing but irritating. Let’s just make you aware of these 4 dangerous diseases that a mosquito bite can cause to you.


The side effects of this disease start 10-15 days after the bite. The basic symptoms of malaria are fever, headache and weakness in the whole body. Anti-malaria medications can help cure patients at the same time. It’s the most common disease in India because of the atmosphere and the environment.

Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is caused by an infection and spread by the Aedes mosquitoes in tropical and subtropical atmospheres. Side effects of this disease happen 4-13 days after the bite.High fever, headaches, joint pain, rashes and eye pain are some of the common symptoms of dengue. Dengue is a life-threatening disease if not diagnosed and cured as soon as possible.

Zika Virus

The very first case of Zika Virus was first discovered in 1952 and since then there have been few cases in India till 2017. More than 80% of the people who are infected by this virus will not experience any sort of symptoms and the rest experience common symptoms like fever, joint pain, and red eyes. The virus rarely causes any deaths but still highly dangerous to pregnant women.

Yellow Fever

It’s an infection spread by Aedes mosquitoes in which individuals start to feel side effects 4-7 days after the bite. Common symptoms of yellow fever are a serious headache and sickness. 50 % of the individuals who are extremely influenced wind up biting the dust from the illness. While there is no particular treatment, there is a powerful immunization against yellow fever.
“The World Health Organization says that there are almost 84,000 and 170,000 cases of yellow fever every year and up to 60,000 deaths caused by the disease”
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