What to Do About Ants?

Ants are tagged as one of the most common pests spotted at homes and business spaces. Researchers also state that, there are about 10,000 plus known ant species in the world. However, it is observed that the maximum number of calls received by pest service companies not only in San Antonio but all over the country is related to ant pest control.
Well, when it is time to battle ants and get rid of the nuisance they create in a household, one needs to be careful about the following –

Ant Species You Should Be Concerned About

We have some good news, to begin with. Ants other than the ones that belong to the carpenter family are known as “nuisance pest.” This does not mean that ants’ infestation should be ignored. The only good thing about ants is that they are not very risky for health or property. Unlike rodents, cockroaches, and flies ants do not transport any type of diseases. They also don’t play an integral role in damaging property. The primary issue associated with the presence of ants is that they tend to land on food making it inedible. We are sure all of us at some point in time have experienced our cereal bags, cookies, and other food items being run over by ants wanting to feast on them.

Understand Why Ants Want to Break into Your Home

We can answer this in a word “Weather”. Ants want to enter a property especially when the weather is dry or too wet. They also look for an opportunity to come in your homes or offices, when the weather outside is too cold and they have no source to gather food.

Here are some useful things to consider while controlling ants.


Prohibition simply means to seal the entry points, so that ants don’t find a way in your living spaces. Exclusion of ants is difficult as they have an ability to crawl almost anywhere. But exclusion is still worth trying.
Initially, it is important to look for cracks or holes in the foundation and seal them. We also recommend thorough checks of homes even from the outside.
To avoid ants in the premises, you can also trim tree branches that hang over the roof. Ants are great climbers and can easily find a way inside.

Elimination of Water and Food Resources

Making water and food unavailable for ants is a big prevention. To the best of your ability, make an attempt to thoroughly clean places where food is stored or cooked and also try and keep those spaces dry and spotless. Even small amount of food can be a big invitation for ants. Well, we understand that water and food are very attractive for ants. We also agree that eliminating all is near to impossible. Hence, all that we can do is reduce the amount of food and water available for them.


When you choose to use pesticides for ant control, do not skip the label instructions. We highly recommend hiring pest control services that are experienced and have licensed technicians. But if you still decide to go for a DIY technique, make sure to consider the following
And if you still feel that the problem is unresolved, do not hesitate to get in touch with a reputed pest control company near you.