What is the Life cycle of a cockroach?

Cockroaches are one of those common insects which can be seen in every household. You should take immediate action to stop these creepy crawlies from making your home a nesting ground. Information about the life cycle of cockroaches can help any professional cockroaches Control Services in Maharashtra like 24x7pms in combating them.
The life cycle of a cockroach consists of three developmental phases, the egg, nymph, and adult stage. Most cockroaches are oviparous which means their young grow in eggs outside of the mother’s body.
The mother roach carries her eggs around in a sac attached to her abdomen called ootheca. This sac can contain around forty eggs. This blog will give you more info on their life cycle.

How do cockroaches make a life cycle?

As said before cockroaches go through three stages of life. These insects usually live around six to fifteen months. Through the lifespan of the cockroach varies from species to species, it also depends on the temperature in each of these phases. Understanding their life cycle can help in controlling them before they cause a serious problem.

Life Cycle

Cockroaches lay around ten to fifty eggs in warm and secluded spots. Their life cycle begins with the stage of an egg which looks like capsules. They can be found in:
1. under stoves, and sinks
2. glued to walls, and furniture by saliva
3. in bathrooms, and pantries
Sometimes the egg stage can last to 100 days depending on climate and species. High temperature quickens the development of pests.
Nymph is the next stage of the life cycle of cockroaches. A nymph undergoes several molts and grows a little by shedding its skin. They emerge from their old shells. And in this process pests with soft, white bodies change into hard bodies and brown color. In their last molt, they will reach full adult coloration and size.
If you find cast-off shells around your house, then it is a clear sign of a cockroach infestation. Then you should seek professional help from any reliable pest control services in Maharashtra like 24x7pms. Young cockroaches have the potential to taint food with bacteria, just like adult roaches. This stage lasts about one to three months.


The final stage is the adult stage. After their final molt, nymphs enter this stage and start to reproduce the cycle over again. The lifespan of a cockroach is relatively longer than other pests. An adult cockroach can live up to two years. So, before they can heavily infest your buildings by the thousands, it is crucial to control them. If you experience an infestation on your property, contact the experts at 24x7pms.

How often do cockroaches lay eggs?

After one week of mating, the female produces an ootheca i.e. a sack full of eggs. On average, female cockroaches produce one ootheca each month which continues for ten months. They lay around sixteen eggs per case. Sometimes female cockroaches can lay around fifty eggs at a time.
Most cockroaches are oviparous i.e. the eggs normally develop outside of the mother. To protect their eggs, cockroaches create nests and lay eggs in warm and tight spaces which are safe environments for their eggs.

How long is a cockroach’s life cycle?

The average lifespan of a cockroach is about twenty to thirty weeks if it is ready to access food and water. The first stage or the egg stage lasts from six to a hundred days depending on the weather and it varies from species to species. The next stage i.e. nymph stage can last about one to three months and the last or the adult stage can last up to more than a hundred days.
The average lifespan for a cockroach can last from one to two years; some species even live for a decade. Such a long lifespan is because of their ability to reproduce in large numbers which are also very often. With all these their survival instincts allow them to go on.

How long until the cockroach dies?

Cockroaches are very hardy insects as they can survive without water for a week and food for a month. It can live without its head for a month. In that case, it can breathe through the tiny holes of its body due to its open circulatory system. It would die like this after a week because of thirst and it can stay underwater for thirty minutes by holding its breath for forty-five minutes straight.
The above-mentioned information is enough to make you believe that seeking professional help from any reliable pest control services in Maharashtra like 24x7pms would be the best option to eliminate them from your house. Experts from Pest Cure suggest maintaining a clean kitchen while keeping your food sealed properly. You should seal all cracks and holes in homes, as these are the entranceways for the pest.