These Are The Things That Attract Termites, Keep Them Away Before Its Too Late!

India is known for its diversity across the globe. This counts for animals, insects or anthropoids too. The common insects found in India is black cricket, mole cricket, stinks, shield bugs, bed bugs, firefly insects, and some more.
But fret not, in order to keep your home safe from termite infestation and stop them from creating more damage a thorough termite inspection followed with professional termite extermination treatments is mandatory.
Termite infestation is a nightmare as they damage the structure of the property (in case of wooden finish), provide damage to furniture which can be very expensive. To get rid of termites homeowners need to know about the things that work as termite attractions.

These are the things that make termites home, keep them away:

1. Lots of wood

As winters are near lots of homeowners pile up firewood in the yard to be used whenever necessary and this wood is the main source of food intake for termites, hence they stay attracted towards it. It is highly recommended to keep wood away from house foundations.
If there’s a shortage of space you can opt for a metal or a concrete structure to differentiate the wood from your house which will also reduce the risk of termite infestation from the wooden logs.

2. Blocked drainage system

Moisture is another element that attracts termites. Leaving gutters unattended for a long time and letting it clog can increase the termite population. So, timely maintenance of the gutter is necessary. Clean it, clear the clogging by using acids, powders, and disinfectants.

3. Rotten wood

Believe us this is the best thing termites will love, wood and that too rotten. Deadwood rots if not attended during a specified duration. This decayed wood is a great source of food to these notorious pests. Make sure to get rid of dead wood at the earliest.

4. Moisture

Basements, Corners, Garages, Sofa ends, Underneath the rugs on a wooden flooring develop moisture especially during winters and moisture develops as an important breeding environment for these pesky little creatures, it draws the attention of termites. Time to time cleaning and termite inspection is mandatory before the infestation creates a deep hole in your pocket.
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