Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes at home

Suppose you have been to enjoy a picnic with your friends and colleagues this winter. You are at the top of your happy mood. But suddenly, in the evening while enjoying the beach scenery, you felt some unmistakable stinging itches. Then you start itching the bitten areas on your body. It clearly indicates the mosquitoes have chosen you as their dinner. And, you are going to deal with the consequences for the next few days
June and July are the perfect months for mosquitoes’ breeding and infestation. However, these disease-causing mosquitoes should be treated well by taking some preventive measures to maintain a healthy environment. So, during the mosquito control awareness week, you can look in and around your house to control mosquitoes that carry deadly viruses like zika and West Nil
You can get an enormous amount of mosquito control tips online and offline. But, a single activity cannot control mosquitoes. You will have to apply the method both indoors and outdoor. To avoid these mosquito bites, read the below points which give you an idea about the control of mosquito bites.

Use mosquito repellent

Most mosquito repellents such as DEET, picaridin, and lemon-eucalyptus oil which the mosquitoes don’t
find attractive. Always check the ingredients before choosing a mosquito repellent. Most insect repellents can protect you for up to 8 hours. So, before buying one, check its resistance power and effectiveness.

Avoid standing water

Stagnant water is the first source of their breeding ground. Always remove all the stored rainwater or drain water near your home or business premises. Because mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water wherever they find them.

Wear long sleeves and pants

If you want to avoid mosquito bites, then one of the easiest ways is to wear long sleeves and pants. Because mosquitoes can identify your blood group from 10 feet away. And wearing long dresses can avoid mosquitoes as it would be really hard to get to your skin.

Call the professional exterminator

The most effective way to avoid mosquitoes in and around your how is to hire professional mosquito control services in Maharashtra. This would be the long-term solution to get rid of these irritants. Unlike other pest control companies, in 24x7pms, we hire specialized mosquito exterminators and eliminate them from their roots.

How to control mosquitoes inside your home?

Nobody likes mosquitoes flying inside their house. You can try some simple methods to keep mosquitoes out of your house. The first way is to install screens and nets on your windows and doors. Keeping windows and doors shut and using the air conditioner when possible during summer will keep the mosquitoes away.
Secondly, avoid stagnant water in and around your home because mosquitoes lay eggs near water. Finally, you can apply an indoor insect spray to kill mosquitoes that get inside your house. Mosquitoes are like dark and humid places. So you ensure spraying under sinks and furniture and in the laundry room.

How to control mosquitoes outside your home?

During summer, mosquitoes are found more active. If you have areas with standing water outside of your house, there is the biggest possibility that mosquitoes lay eggs there and spread their population. You should empty and scrub those areas once or twice a week. Turnover is a cover of throwing the things out where you find standing water like buckets, tires, planters, pools, birdbaths, toys, or trash containers.
To fight the issues, you can use outside insect spray in your backyard to control the mosquito infestation. Always follow the instructions before using the spray as its overuse can damage the human body or even create skin allergies or serious infections.
However, if you don’t want to use indoor or outdoor mosquito control products, then hiring a professional mosquito control in Maharashtra is the best solution. 24x7pms experts are well talented and pros in advanced tools and techniques who work hard to reduce the mosquitoes and other pests in your home or office premises.