Let’s Protect You and Your Family from Pests

India is known for its diversity across the globe. This counts for animals, insects or anthropoids too. The common insects found in India is black cricket, mole cricket, stinks, shield bugs, bed bugs, firefly insects, and some more.
While pests are quite active year-round in India, these bugs are more active during the summer season. If you have an apartment or a house, you will definitely come across these 5 pests during summers –


One of the most common pests that you will find in your home is ants. While most of the ants usually won’t bite, it is not always the case.
The best way to prevent the growth of ants is to dispose the contaminated food items regularly and restrict all the entry points.
It is a difficult task for you to do this, however, you can perform this task by sealing all the cracks or crevices of your house.
You have to ensure that you clean your house every day.
You must throw the disposable and non-disposable items regularly, store your food items in air-packed containers, and clean up the spills immediately.
If you have a pet, then you must avoid leaving the pet food unattended.
Pet foods also attract lots of ants and other harmful pests easily. Keep the pet food also in sealed containers if your pet doesn’t eat it.


In India, the most common and harmful pest found across all the states is Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are of different kinds. They are very much active in the summer season and lay eggs instilled water.
To lay these eggs, female mosquitoes require a source of energy or food – i.e. the human or animal’s blood.
If these mosquitoes bite, you may face itching sensation for a period of time. In fewer cases, there are mosquitoes that transmit their diseases on to you causing severe fever, nausea, and so on.
Diseases like dengue, malaria, etc. happen because of mosquito bites. To keep the mosquitoes away, you can eliminate any sort of standing or still water around your house – debris, bird baths, ponds, water bowls for pets, etc.


One of the most important and difficult tasks in the summer season is to keep the flies away from your respective houses.
Just like other pests, flies tend to get energy from food.
Preventing flies from food resources are vital for you as they spread harmful bacteria throughout your entire home and food.
You can keep your windows or doors closed in order to prevent the flies entering your rooms, throw the trash items out of your house often, place the garbage cans or boxes away from your house, and spray anti-flies’ liquids available in the market.


You will see roaches when the temperature rises and gets humid. They eat almost everything, so it becomes hard for you to get rid of them and restrict them from spreading in your house.
They are found mostly in the kitchen areas and bathrooms. Because of the reason that they spread harmful bacteria and cause severe reactions that can cause allergies, you have to stop their growth in the initial stages.
You can get in touch with an exterminator in order to know about cockroach and how to prevent them from growing rapidly.
You have to keep your house clean, seal all the cracks, holes, crevices, and don’t gather lots of boxes or newspapers.
These were the most harmful pests that grow in the months of the summer season. You can prevent their growth and keep your house safe by following the above-mentioned methods.