Know How You Can Get Rid of Bed Bugs this Summer Season in India

Summer makes everyone happy – Including bed bugs. This is a favorable time for them. You may have questions such as whether bed bugs hibernate in winter and show up when it is warm in the yard. We will explain everything, as well as consider the causes of seasonality and possible ways to protect your house from bed bugs with the help of the best Bed Bugs Control Services in Maharashtra.

The emergence of bedbugs to hunt

Bed bugs prefer to feed on human blood and for this purpose, they go out at night to hunt. For a full developmental cycle, bugs require five servings of blood. These blood-sucking insects perceive carbon dioxide emitted by humans and even their favorite pets. When they reach the victim, the bugs feed on blood at once for fifteen minutes. Satisfied, they return to the place of shelter. Females breed and lay eggs, thanks to a well-nourished diet. The larvae (or nymphs) go to the adult stage of the life cycle, also using blood.

What season do bugs hunt?

If you ask the disinfection company whether the bugs season comes in the summer, in response you will hear that bugs do not have a peak season. Bed bugs bite and breed throughout the year. The term “active” means that bugs attack more often and breed more intensely. Therefore, the statement that bed bugs are more active in summer than in other seasons is not entirely true.
The bugs are adapted “hitchhikers” and enjoy the fact that people move a lot and travel during the warm season. In addition, it is quite possible that the bugs laid eggs in winter, but small larvae are barely noticeable, and by the summer they are already becoming adult bugs. Thus, it is important to understand that the breeding of bedbugs continues in both summer and winter, and therefore, the control of bedbugs is carried out year-round.

Bed Bugs Season

What do we mean by bedbugs season?

According to disinfectors, this season begins at the end of April and ends at the beginning of November- during the period of travel. This season corresponds to warm weather, and bed bugs prefer moderately warm conditions under which they attack more aggressively and reproduce more quickly.

The main ways of penetration of bedbugs in the house

Bed bugs penetrate the house if they live near your house or in neighbor’s house. This path is often found in apartment buildings. Purchasing used sofas, beds, mattresses and other items also increases the risk of bedbugs in the house.
Guests, without knowing it, sometimes bring bugs on contaminated clothes to the house. If you are going to rest in the summer and stay in hotels or hostels, be prepared that there is a chance you will bring bed bugs from there. In short, there is no single way for bedbugs to enter the house, and it is not surprising that they can be transported even from the office!

How to determine the presence of bedbugs in the house?

How to protect yourself from bed bugs at work

If you detect bed bugs at work, first inform bed bugs control services in Maharashtra about the problem. The first way to prevent the appearance of bedbugs is to maintain cleanliness and order in the workplace. In this case, bedbugs have fewer places to hide. Keep things in places where you are sure that there are no bugs. Be careful with sofas, curtains, storage rooms and lounges.

How to protect the house from bed bugs in the summer

As already mentioned above, some are mistaken, considering that the peak season of bed bugs comes in the summer. Adequate insect control should be conducted year round. Use the following measures for this purpose: