Is Cockroach Powder The Best Way Of Getting Rid Of Cockroaches?

Do you know what cockroach powder is? Cockroach powder, as the name suggests, is a bait for cockroaches in dust form. It is sprinkled in the infested places every night where the cockroaches frequent. Often these spots are hidden in nooks and corners.
The fragrance first attracts the cockroaches, makes them faint, and kills them. The main component of the cockroach killer powder is boric acid. Boric acid has an electrostatic force that sticks to the cockroaches. It enters their nervous system, attacks it, and kills it.
However, due to the numerous ill effects of using boric acid, many refuse to use it for the same reasons. Some aftereffects of using boric acid powder are-

Are There Any Better Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

1. Use Baking Soda

The most basic home remedy to remove the tenacious cockroaches is to smear baking soda in places. Since cockroaches love to feel pressure on their body, they are generally found near congested cracks and tiny holes. Layering these sources with baking soda can cut down their entry and exit points.
A great trick to use baking soda would be to mix it with sugar or onions. Cockroaches are attracted to these treats. Place these bites near the entry and exit spots. As soon as the cockroaches consume the concoction, they start falling dead. Using baking soda is better than using cockroach powder for the safety of your family.
If you still feel confused, connect with professional cockroach pest control services for better results.

2. Use Citrus Agents

Among the hundreds of solutions, one method that works wonders in killing cockroaches is the citrus agents. Like all pests, cockroaches also hate the citrus smell. Hence, lemon juice is one of the safest ways to remove cockroaches. Every component of lemon, from its juice to its peel, can help remove cockroaches. By using citrus in the infested areas, the number of cockroaches will eventually decrease.

3. Spray Treatment

As the name suggests, cockroach spray is a method to kill cockroaches. If the cockroaches come in contact with the spray solution, they get weak and faint.
The ingredients used in the spray treatment use organic compounds, which are not harmful to human life. Hence it can be used from time to time. On the other hand, cockroach killer powder flies onto food and drinks causing direct damage.
Getting the help of a professional cockroach pest control team is a wise decision if you want to get rid of the problem once and for all. The commercial pest control service provider conducts the spray treatment under supervision. Their prior experiences in handling such scenarios put you in safer hands.

4. Gel Treatment

This method involves setting drops of gel as bait in specific corners of the house where the cockroaches breed. The gel drops are insecticidal baits that lure in the cockroaches, and once they eat the gel, they paralyze and die.
Unlike cockroach powder, gel treatment is more secure and safe. It doesn’t fly off and sticks to the one spot you’ve placed it. The cockroach pest control team has previous experience. They apply them in the infected areas. Within a week, the cockroaches become extinct and eventually die.


What attracts cockroaches to your house is a point to be noted. Usually, the cockroaches are attracted to water, cardboard, papers, leftover food, etc. You should keep a close check on their shelter areas. One of the solutions can be cockroach pest control.
Hire the services of the best commercial pest control services in India. The pest controllers have experienced hands who have dealt with similar issues before. Having assistance from them can significantly decrease the breeding of cockroaches.