How do Bed Bugs Spread?

At one-time Bed bugs were thought to be gone, expired from the earth. But this is not true. Bed bugs are spreading like wildfire every year in each country and are causing major problems.

How do bed bugs spread?

The very first question to think about bed bugs is that how do they move from one person to another. The basic answer to the above question is within public occupancy and transportation such as hotel stays, taxi cabs, trains & flights.
These days we are getting towards fast traveling from one place to another. Airplane tickets and hotels stays are available at discounted prices and are getting cheaper.
Cabs like OLA & UBER are increasing their network for better reach in every corner of the city. There are still many ways to come people in contact with each other, which gives rise to bed bugs spreading.
Bed bugs are capable to spread rapidly, not just because you or your surrounding is dirty but the daily volume of people coming into contact with each other makes possible for bed bugs to spread.
The next day you started your journey by booking a taxi cab for the entire family to reach the airport at ease. Then you get on your plane and arrived your hotel exhausted.
You are stunned to see bed bugs in your suitcase when you open them at your hotel. Unfortunately, the previous owner of your booked room has bought you bed bugs while his traveling to other locations.
Bed bugs will crawl on to you and your clothes as you sleep and leave some bite marks on your body. After having a blood meal they will hide into your bag. The next day you wake up and go to your work and do your work
Now it’s time to pack your bags and catch the return flight for your home. But you are also packing the bed begs with you in the bag. After arriving at your home from the trip you will probably do the same as every normal person does. Throw your bag somewhere on the floor and get to it later.
The longer you wait the greater chance the bed bugs will get out of your suitcase and find a new place to hide. This hiding spot will most likely be around your bed area. And this is how bed bugs spread from person to person. Tough you were not carrying the bed bugs while you started your journey but because of your previous hotel room owner now you got them into your house.
Not just by hotel rooms but bed bugs can spread into flights, trains, taxi cabs, or any other location traveling where general public occupancy is included. Bed bugs can also spread from beds or seats in a hotel room, taxis, flights & trains.