Diseases Prevented by Effective Rodent Control?

Rodents like rats or mice can bring some severe diseases to your house directly or indirectly. Therefore it’s very necessary to take some firm steps towards rodent control.

Below Mentioned Diseases are caused by Rodents:

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome: This is caused by white footed mice, cotton and rice rats, or deer mice. It can spread by bites, direct contact with the animals or their excrement and breathing dust which has been contaminated by their urine or excrement.
Leptospirosis: This is caused by bacteria and occurs globally. It can be spread via food or water that has been contaminated with rodent urine.
Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis: This is a virus caused by a house-mouse. It occurs globally and is caused by bite wounds, direct contact or breathing in contaminated dust.
The Plague: This occurs not only in Asia but the United States, South America, Africa etc. Wild rodents, wood rats, prairie dogs and fox squirrels can be carriers. It spreads by either direct contact with an infected animal or even their fleas. This is a bacterial disease.
We generally follow 3 steps in rodent control that are seal up, trap up and clean up.

Below Mentioned Diseases are caused by Rodents:

To seal up, a house owner must make certain that there are no ways for rats and mice to get into their property. These animals can squeeze through even the tiniest of openings, so everything must be tightly sealed. Weatherproofing doors and windows as well as sealing cracks will eliminate entryways for the tiny creatures.
To trap, there are a variety of methods, including classic mouse traps that are baited with peanut butter or cheese that snap shut, or bait which will poison them or a sticky paper which they will attach to upon crossing.
There are even humane live catch and release methods which work well. Rats tend to be more cautious and won’t always fall for the traps right away. Be patient. Mice are not quite as bright and will be caught more easily.
To clean up, all droppings and nests must be completely eradicated. All areas must be kept free of any type of food source, including dried beans and pasta. All foods must be kept in tightly sealed containers or inside the refrigerator.
Get the rodents under control; protect your home and protect your family from these carriers of dangerous health risks.
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