Cockroach and Diseases- How They Affect Our Health

Having any kind of fungus in your house can directly impact your health. And. truth be told, rats, termites or rodents are no less than a fungus. They have the ability to create various dangerous sorts of diseases and while some can affect the purity of your house, others can directly affect your health, that’s why a cockroach raid in your house in no less than a danger.
We often underestimate them but fail to understand what harm they can do to us and our health. There are total 33 distinctive species of cockroaches out of which 4 are known to be pests.
One of most irritating habit or we should call it a ‘Routine’ of cockroaches is that they follow food everywhere. Once you drop some food on the floor, the next thing you see are cockroaches crawling all over it. Just in case you aren’t aware of the sorts of ailments they can cause us, here are some which might give you a heads up.


According to a research, cockroaches leave tons of things everywhere they go, a little saliva or some droppings which eventually harms the human body. A human body is allergic to the excretions that cockroaches leave everywhere they crawl. People who don’t have asthma may encounter hypersensitivity indications like stuffy noses, sinus or coughing. On the other hand, Individuals with asthma may begin an expansion in the number of outbreaks they encounter. And, that my friend is definitely not something worth being thankful for.


Cockroaches carry bacteria Poliomyelitis that lead to serious disease, Polio. The disease mostly spread through in touch of the stool of the pests such as a cockroach. More than 90% of the people infected by polio show no signs of symptoms while around 5% of them shows minor symptoms such as fever, headache, stiffness, pain in the neck or in the back, which often resolve easily. Not showing strong symptoms is itself is a dangerous sign.


It is a life threatening disease which caused by the cockroach bacteria, Salmonella typhi. According to a WHO report, the disease influences around 21.5 million people every year. The most effortless approaches to dodge typhoid are by keeping the house clean, especially the kitchen areas because that’s where the chances of cockroaches roaming around are high. It is shown that people with typhoid always have high fever. and they may likewise feel weak or have stomach pain, migraine, or loss of appetite.


Cockroaches are known to spread the Salmonella bacteria which can cause salmonellosis, an infection in people with side effects like food poisoning. It is trusted that cockroaches spread the bacteria by feeding on contaminated food. The Salmonella stays in their stomach for a month and is deposited through their vomit and feces. The basic symptoms of this disease are fever and vomiting.
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