Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Lizards?

How many times have you been caught unaware by a lizard crawling on the wall next to you? Lizards seem to have a knack for sneaking up on unsuspecting humans, causing disbelief in many.
These bites usually happen whenever someone tries to remove a lizard from inside the house. Lizards have small teeth that can pierce the skin, so you have to be careful with lizards.
Lizards are seen as pests by many household owners in the Triangle region. A lot of people fear lizards, probably because of the way they look; it always seems like they are going to bite. While they are generally harmless, lizards, as with any other creatures, will bite if they feel threatened.

Is It Okay To Have Lizards Hanging Around The House?

Lizards are generally peaceful creatures. They tend to just be the “lizard on the wall,” just watching the world go by. This is why some people tolerate their presence. But it is not okay to have lizards around for quite a number of reasons.
Here is why you have to get rid of lizards in your house:
1. They bite. Like we mentioned earlier, lizards bite whenever they feel threatened. If you have kids, who are naturally inquisitive, lizards are indeed dangerous. Imagine your child picking up one! That can really result in a disaster.
2. They might fall on you, your food, or your drinks. Even though lizards are naturally good at crawling walls and ceilings, there will be some instances wherein they would lose grip and fall. This happens a lot, so be careful
3. They can damage plants.
4. They defecate all over. Lizards droppings are black and stick to walls, where they usually like to stay. This can cause diseases when it comes into contact with our food and water, or when accidentally ingested.
5. Having lizards is unsanitary. Lizards can be carrying bacteria and viruses, which can cause diseases like salmonella.
6. Lizards can crawl into machines or appliances. This can cause breakdowns in your appliances.
7. Lizards shed skin, and leave them anywhere. Aside from being unsanitary, this will also attract other pests, like ants and roaches.

What Are Lizards?

There are around 6,000 lizards worldwide, making them the most plentiful of all reptiles. They all have different sizes, the largest of them all is the komodo dragon which can grow to as long as 10 ft and weigh 176 lbs. The smallest is the tiny dwarf gecko, which is just .6 inches in length.
Lizards can be found all over the world. Aside from living inside houses, they also live in trees, some live on rocks in the desert, and some prefer to live on the ground where they can be near vegetation.

Why Do I Have Lizards In My House?

There are reasons why lizards are at your house. It is not as if they just accidentally stumbled into it. Here are some of the reasons why lizards are in your house:
1. You are in an area where there are plenty of lizards. – Humans have claimed areas that were once inhabited by animals, and these animals are starting to lose their habitat. If your area has a hot climate, then chances are there are plenty of lizards there. Colder weather usually means lesser lizards.
2. You have plenty of insects. Lizards love to feed on insects. – The presence of flies, mosquitoes, winged termites, and other flying insects will surely attract them. Since lizards are always on the walls and ceilings, they certainly can get access to these flying insects.
3. At the same time, what attracts insects to your home is what attracts lizards too. – If you have breadcrumbs, pieces of cookies, chocolates, or junk food lying around the house, you are going to have problems for sure.
4. Doors and windows are left open. – Leaving the doors and windows open allows easy access to lizards, so be sure to close them.
5. There are cracks, crevices, and holes around the house. – These openings are also entry points for lizards.
6. There is plenty of clutter in your home. – Lizards like to hide in cluttered places. You might need to reduce clutter to prevent lizards from hiding.
7. You have standing water, leaky pipes, or garden ponds. – Lizards are looking for water as much as they are looking for food.
8. Fruits and plants. – Lizards love to eat fruits and plants.

How To Control The Lizards

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