6 Facts About Carpenter Ants

While many believe that ants are simply an annoyance that we dread seeing around the kitchen, there are types of ants that can cause actual damage to your home.
That would be the carpenter ant. They look like your average ant, but their ability to chew through surfaces and make your home into a nesting ground separates them from any ordinary ant.
Our experts at 24x7pms Pest Control have gathered our most interesting and helpful facts about the carpenter ant. We know that ants are one of the top pest control issues in the San Antonio area. Understanding the pest can play a major role in pest control and prevention.

Carpenter Ants Don’t Eat Wood

It’s commonly thought that these ants eat wood due to the structural damage they leave behind. Carpenter ants chew through the wood but don’t eat it. Although they are known to chew through dry wood and drywall, these ants prefer damp wood. The chewing is solely to create a nest for the colony, and damp wood makes it easier for them to chew quickly.

Carpenter Ants Are Strong

Carpenter ants can carry from 10 to 50 times their body weight. These insects have intense jaw strength as well. This is where they get the ability to chew through wood.

Carpenter Ants Love All Wood

Many people are convinced most insects are not interested in treated wood. That is one mistake you don’t want to make when it comes to preparing your home against carpenter ants.

Carpenter Ants Kill Termites

Due to the nature of both of these insects, it makes sense that they would find themselves in competition. Just a few carpenter ants can clear out an entire colony of termites. People have tried to use these ants to get rid of termites, and we’d advise against that. It is an effective solution but will come with its own problems even after the termites are gone.

Carpenter Ant Bites Hurt

Although they are rare, carpenter ant bites are a pain like no other. These insects do not have stingers, so they inject whatever it is with formic acid when they bite.

Carpenter Ants Are Hard To Get Rid Of

Unfortunately, these pests are hard to get rid of. They do not have a short lifespan so killing a few often leads to discovering a whole other colony. These insects are resilient as well. It’s crucial to call in a safe pest control expert who will walk you through the process of extermination.

San Antonio Pest Control

Our exterminators at 24x7pms Pest Control have seen their fair share of ant infestations. Even though we find these little guys interesting, we know how crucial it is to quickly eliminate the carpenter ant before they begin to do real damage.
We have the experience and knowledge needed to help your home be free of pests, so give us a call! We’ll give you the details on our ant control treatment and how our services can help your home.