5 Highly-Successful Tips to Protect Furniture from Termites

We all know how damaging rodents, cockroaches and bed bugs can be to your home. But let’s not forget another dangerous category of pests – Termites. They’re born with the superpower of damaging your household furniture.
Wood being their weakness, they can consume wooden pieces and turn them to dust in a lightning speed. There’s nothing more terrifying than having a termite infestation at home. And the worst part is that you notice the infestation when it’s already too late.
Maybe you’ve seen the mud tubes on the wall or grainy faecal mounds (termite droppings) beneath the destroyed wood but didn’t recognize the urgency of booking professional termites control services.
The Most Effective Steps to Protect Furniture From Termites Not only you but most homeowners disregard the importance of contacting a qualified termite control expert. Since the monsoon has arrived, your expensive wooden possessions are already under the threat of termite invention. But you can stop that! Want to know how? Then keep reading till the end.
Protection from moisture: Moisture is the number one enemy for your furniture. Termites are especially attracted to damp wood as it provides the ideal condition to thrive. If your wooden furniture is wet, use a dry microfiber cloth to soak up the excess moisture.
Also, for wiping and cleaning, avoid using water; a microfiber cloth works effectively to remove dust particles.
In addition to this, make sure your home is properly ventilated as it helps in reducing excess moisture. Repair damp walls and leaking pipes at the earliest. Avoid keeping your furniture in the garden as termites can creep into the wood directly from the soil.
Saturated cooked oils stuck in chimney and wardrobes in kitchen attracts cockroaches in hordes and are preferred areas why they lay their eggs close by. Wipe the food prep area, kitchen appliances, countertop and dispose of food crumbs from the floor. This will help in cutting off their access to food. No food, no cockroach.
Expose the infested furniture to direct sunlight: Sunlight can sometimes kill the wood-eating insects naturally. If your wooden pieces are infested with termites, keep them exposed to sunlight for a minimum of three days. You can expect a decrease in the termite activity or who knows, the termites can burn to dust!
Burnish wood with anti-termite wood polish: Experts offering termites control services in Kolkata, Bangalore and other areas highly recommend using anti-termite wood polish if you want to restore the glaze.
Do you know why? These polishes contain anti-termite chemical ingredients that not only create a solid glossy coat on top but also acts as a great preserver of wood. Besides offering termite protection, these polishes also render a smooth, luxury finish to the furniture.
Double joy, right? Apply aloe vera gel: Aloe vera gel promotes hair growth and fights skin aging. What many don’t know is that this magical natural product also protects wooden pieces from termite invasion. Apply pure aloe vera gel all over the furniture surface. It functions as an impenetrable barrier that doesn’t allow termites to get inside the wood.
Perform a professional termite control: Wooden objects are best protected by scheduling certified termites control services at regular intervals. However, if termites have already made a way into your home, calling a qualified and experienced termite control exterminator is the wisest decision for a reason.
Professional termite control experts are equipped with the most effective termite combat strategy that includes termite inspection, anti-termite treatment, termite monitoring and prevention. Using certified and highly-effective chemicals and fumigation, the professionals can help you get rid of termites successfully.