4 Reasons Why Cockroaches Are In Love With Your Home

You’ve seen them lurking inside your kitchen in the late-night hours. Many times, on entering the bathroom, they’ve made you search for slippers desperately. Cockroaches are disgusting, horrible and anything you may call it.
The mere sight of them is enough to send you running for slippers or a can of cockroach killing spray. But what if you see clusters of cockroaches in every room of your home? Do you think slippers, brooms, OTC chemicals will keep these pests at bay? Of course, not! And that’s why you need to book professional cockroach control services in Pune if you’re looking for long-term relief.
Cockroaches are a potent source of infection and allergies. They multiply very quickly making it difficult to control. Pest control specialists are trained and use the most effective chemicals to eliminate cockroaches from your building. But have you ever wondered what is attracting cockroaches in your home? We’ll tell you in this blog!

Below Mentioned Diseases are caused by Rodents:

a. Food: Did we tell you cockroaches are food lovers? Like any living beings, they also need food to survive. For this reason, you should be very careful in keeping the floor, countertops or the kitchen sink free of any food scraps and packets.
Avoid keeping dirty dishes in the sink for too long. Check for food remnants beneath the refrigerator, behind the stove and inside drawers. Keep the lid of the containers tightly closed.
Saturated cooked oils stuck in chimney and wardrobes in kitchen attracts cockroaches in hordes and are preferred areas why they lay their eggs close by. Wipe the food prep area, kitchen appliances, countertop and dispose of food crumbs from the floor. This will help in cutting off their access to food. No food, no cockroach.
b. Water: Along with food, cockroaches also need water to thrive happily. If your home has pools of standing water, no wonder why cockroaches don’t feel like leaving your home at all! According to specialists performing cockroach control services in Pune, your home shouldn’t have any trace of collected water.
When you rope in an expert pest control company, the professionals will determine the damp areas of the building, fill up the holes and cracks in the wall from where water might be seeping inside. Damp and dark areas is their preferred choice of laying eggs.
You must also make sure water isn’t standing for too long in pet bowls and plant pots. After using the kitchen towels and sponges, dry them properly before using them again.
c. Dark and cosy corners: Dark, dingy and secluded areas are perfect for cockroaches to enjoy quietude and peacefulness. This is why you find them vanishing quickly as soon as you turn on the lights! They can swiftly slip beneath the cupboards, behind appliances, cabinets and areas you can never easily access.
Professionals providing cockroach control services in Pune and other areas are well-aware of such cockroach sensitive areas in your home where they apply an odourless gel, eliminating the pests effectively.
d. When your home is too warm and humid: Warm and humid conditions are ideal for cockroaches to survive. As we live in a tropical country, where the climate is predominantly dank and sultry, it’s no secret anymore why cockroaches find almost every home inviting.
While a dehumidifier and air conditioner can control humidity and keep your home cool, scheduling expert cockroach control services in Pune and elsewhere quarterly can prevent your home from becoming a sanctuary for these annoying pests.
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